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Review (Zach Demeter)
The Dan Slott helmed Batman Adventures comic series was one of the most well reviewed and beloved series by fans at the time of its release. There was also quite the uproar over its cancellation, as the series never finished its initial run and storyline, so we were left out in the cold on that front. In addition, the series re-introduced Phantasm into the mix, as a member of Black Mask’s “False Face Society.” Once again a basic assassin for hire, Phantasm made it clear that her presence in Gotham was known to everyone, including Bruce. She returned to Wayne Manor and pleaded that he not “get in her way,” but Bruce just brushed her off.

She later attempted to overtake the False Face Society by killing Black Mask, but Wayne, under the guise of Matches Malone, intervened before she was able to execute her objective. Phantasm eventually left Gotham and went to work for Red Hood’s mob and was instructed to lay low.

At first her appearance felt like a rather weak excuse to throw her into the mix of it all, but the series promised further expansion upon her role in this new and expanded Gotham universe. Sadly we didn’t get anything more on her in the series, which is truly a disappointment as series writer Dan Slott handled her like a pro.

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