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Bios - Alfred Pennyworth

Voiced By: Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
First Appearance: "Sins of the Father"
Position: Butler, Aid to the Bat-Family

Bio: As always, Alfred Pennyworth remains Batman's trusted ally and confidant. Batgirl, Robin and Nightwing rely on Alfred too, as both the friendly voice of reason and the man who keeps them supplied with costumes, high-tech gear and the occasional sandwich after a long night's work. Alfred also maintains the care and upkeep of both Wayne Manor and the Batcave, which includes the newly constructed trophy gallery. Here are displayed intriguing souvenirs from Batman's toughest cases: a collection of the Penguin's deadly umbrellas, a preserved Joker laughing fish, one of Harley Quinn's popguns, a bullet-riddled Scarface dummy, Bane's mask and Venom tank, Baby Doll's gun-doll, Mad Hatter's top hat, Maxie Zeus's lightning weapon and many other mementoes.

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