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Bios - Mary Dahl / Baby Doll

Voiced By: Laraine Newman
First Appearance: "Love is a Croc"
Position: Villain

Bio: Mary Dahl was a highly successful child actress and the star of the hit sitcom "Baby Doll." When success went to her head, she left the show in pursuit of a dramatic acting career. It flopped, and Dahl wanted to return to her beloved role as "Baby Doll." When she was shunned, Dahl was devastated. Unable to cope with the loss of her stardom and the disease that stopped her body from growing past childhood, Dahl became obsessed with regaining her fame. She became "Baby Doll" and kidnapped her former colleagues from the show in an attempt to gain the only real happiness she ever had. Armed with a semi-automatic in her rag doll, Baby Doll becomes a ruthless criminal, and will stop at nothing to regain her fame.

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