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Bios - Jack Ryder / The Creeper

Voiced By: Jeff Glen Bennett
First Appearance:
"Cold Comfort"
"Beware the Creeper" (as The Creeper)
Position: Yellow-Skinned-Wacky-Man, Reporter

Bio: Once he was simply Jack Ryder, the no-nonsense co-anchor of Summer Gleeson's "Gotham Insider." But the staid newsman's life was changed forever after an encounter with the Joker and his lethal laughing toxin. When Jack did an expose on the history of the "Clown Prince of Crime", The Joker showed up and threw Ryder into the same vat of chemicals that transformed him. The vat of chemicals, mixed with the Joker's laughing gas, mutated him into a bizarre super-human creature, the living embodiment of the wild personality he had kept buried inside him for so long. Dubbed The Creeper by a terrified onlooker, the insane creature went on a wacky rampage which resulted in him actually helping Batman to capture the Joker.

Though the wild imbalance of chemicals had caused a permanent change in Ryder's body, Batman devised a specially treated skin patch that, when worn, keeps the Creeper subdued. But when there's extreme danger, Ryder can remove the patch and let the zany, always unpredictable Creeper out to join the fight.

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