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Bios - Jason Blood / Etrigan the Demon

Voiced By: Billy Zane
First Appearance: "The Demon Within"
Position: Magician

Bio: World-famous paranormalist Jason Blood carries a terrible secret inside him. Centuries before, his life force was mystically fused to Etrigan, one of the vilest demons in Perdition. The link with Etrigan gave Blood eternal life and a powerful but uncontrollable spirit which he could call upon in times of need. When Blood recites the mystic chant, "Gone, gone, form of man, arise the demon, Etrigan!" he vanishes and Etrigan appears in his place.

Though he has thus far always fought on the side of right, the Demon is the ultimate loose cannon. His near-complete mastery of the occult gives him great power, but calling on that power, even for good, is akin to making a deal with the devil himself. Batman will only seek out Jason Blood's (and the Demon's) help in a situation of dire need, when a confrontation with great supernatural forces is inevitable.

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