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Bios - The Penguin

Voiced By:
Paul Williams (BTAS/TNBA)
David Odgen Stiers (MOTB)
First Appearance: "Joker's Millions"
Position: Nightclub Owner

Bio: Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, also known as The Penguin, is a "reformed" master criminal. He has found the public acceptance he's always craved after opening a posh nightclub called "The Iceberg Lounge", the hottest new place in town according to Gotham's jaded in-crowd. The preening Penguin enjoys the good life, but the he hasn't entirely abandoned his criminal ways. Using the club as a front, the Penguin secretly continues to control Gotham City's underworld by bartering in illegal information and stolen goods. Seemingly tiring of the criminal lifestyle, Penguin will go "legit" and open a posh nightclub, "The Iceberg Lounge". He has three new beauties running his club for him in his absence; Jay, Raven and Lark.

The dirty bird will finally find the public acceptance he's always craved when Gotham's in-crowd make his club the hottest place in town. But Penguin will not be abandoning his criminal ways completely. He'll continue to act the part of an underworld kingpin, bartering in information and stolen goods through various untraceable agents while hiring unwitting underlings to do all his grunt work. That way if Batman breaks up one of his schemes, the small fries get caught and the Penguin's wings stay clean. Batman may even find himself in the uncomfortable position of having to go to the Penguin and bargain for information on a criminal's whereabouts. Who says living well isn't the best revenge?

The Penguin allied himself with Carlton Duquesne and Rupert Thorne for a big gun deal that would make them both more money than they knew what to do with. They were dangerously close to completing their plan, but Batman and Batwoman ultimately intervened.

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