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Bios - Harvey Dent / Two-Face

Voiced By: Richard Moll
First Appearance: "Sins of the Father"
Position: Villain

Bio: Former Gotham City District Attorney Harvey Dent is well-entrenched as the underworld crime boss Two-Face, continues to be a major threat to Batman and Gotham City. In upcoming episodes, Two-Face will find himself at greater odds with his dual-nature, torn between his own good and evil sides. He will also become more and more deadly an adversary to Robin, who harbors a deep, personal resentment toward Two-Face, as his father, Stephen "Shifty" Drake used to work for him. Couple this, with the fact that Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent were best friends before the accident transformed Dent into Two-Face, and Batman and Robin both share deep ties to the villain.

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