The World's Finest Presents

Episode #03 - Cold Comfort
Original Airdate - October 11th, 1997

Mr.Freeze is back and bitter as ever as he plans to release his vengeance on Gotham City. Freeze also has a big surprise for Batman.

Media by Bird Boy
Review by Robin III
Written by Hilary J. Bader
Directed by Dan Riba
Music by Shirley Walker
Animation by Koko/Dong Yang

Kevin Conroy as Batman/Bruce Wayne
Tara Charendoff as Batgirl/Barbara Gordon
Michael Ansara as Mr. Freeze
Bob Hastings as Commissioner Gordon
Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. as Alfred
Lloyd Bochner as Mayor Hamilton Hill
Mathew Valencia as Robin/Tim Drake
Jeff Glen Bennett as Jack Ryder
Tress MacNeille as Dr. Margaret Madsen
Ian Patrick Williams as Artist/Guiseppe Bianci
Cree Summer as Ice Maiden #2
Lauren Tom as Ice Maiden #3
Screen Grabs


DR. MADSEN: There isn't an archeological institution in the World that would buy a stolen fossil. This wouldn't be worth anything to you!
FREEZE: To me, no. But it's worth everything to you, isn't it? I did not come here to steal bones, Dr. Madsen. I came to steal hope.
FREEZE: Search your hearts for the thing you value most, then despair, for I have come to take it from you.
BRUCE (on tv): As my father once told me, 'Those who have the most, must give the most.'
FREEZE: Those who have the most also have the most to lose, Mr. Wayne.
BATGIRL: Hey! Best score yet!
BRUCE: Not bad. . . For a corpse.
BATGIRL: But I lasted longer this time.
BRUCE: Dead is dead.
BRUCE: Alfred tells me you failed a civics test?
TIM: Like I really care what a district attorney does.
BRUCE: You don't know the first things about the American justice system, do you?
TIM: I know it's bogus.
BRUCE: And how did you come to that well thought out conclusion?
TIM: Watching you.

Review: A well written Freeze episode, but nothing beats Heart of Ice. It was interesting to see how Freeze would continue after the events of Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero since that movie ended what made Freeze a criminal in the first place.

There were some problems though. First, this episode was aired before SubZero was released, and therefore ruined the ending of the movie. Of course, this was the scheduler's problem, and not the actual episode's problem. Second, Freeze lost his emotions. . . again. At the end of Sub Zero, Freeze cries with tears of joy that his wife has been saved, and once again, he has gained his emotions back. Now though, he has lost these emotions again for some strange reason.

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