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Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman
Original Release Date - October 21st, 2003 - Home Video Release
A ruthless destructive vigilante posing as Batwoman is wreaking havoc in Gotham City. While she sets her sights on thwarting Penguin's evil plans, Batman concentrates on discovering this mysterious imposter's true identity. But when she's captured by the vicious Bane, it falls upon the caped crusader to rescue her, defeat Bane and foil the Penguin's devious plot himself.

Batman and Harley Quinn
Original Release Date - August 15, 2017, Digital HD Release; August 29, 2017 - Home Video Release
Poison Ivy and Jason Woodrue (a.k.a. The Floronic Man) embark on an ecological quest to save the planet - and, unfortunately, eliminate most of humankind along the way. To save humanity, Batman and Nightwing are forced to enlist Harley Quinn to catch Poison Ivy, Harley's BFF and frequent partner-in-crime. But Batman's patience is put to the test by the unpredictable and untrustworthy Harley during the twists and turns the reluctant companions face during their bumpy road trip. The result is a thrill ride of action, adventure and comedy no Batman fan has seen before.

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Batman: Chase Me
Original Release Date - October 21st, 2003 - Home Video Release
Bruce Wayne catches Catwoman stealing from one of his buildings and he pursues her--as Batman.

Note: This 7-minute short features no voice acting, but is solely music. It is only available on the Mystery of the Batwoman home video release.


Episode #39 - World's Finest: Part 1
Original Airdate - October 4th, 1997
Joker steals a statue made of solid Kryptonite and comes to Metropolis where he makes a deal-with Luthor to kill Superman. But Batman follows him to Metropolis.

Episode #40 - World's Finest: Part 2
Original Airdate - October 4th, 1997
Joker kidnaps Lois in order to lure Superman to his death but Batman's intervention saves the day and soon after. Joker then sics a killer robot on Batman and Superman must rescue a sinking ocean liner.

Episode #41 - World's Finest: Part 3
Original Airdate - October 4th, 1997
Lois's romance with Bruce Wayne hits rough waters when she discovers that he is Batman. Meanwhile, Joker turns the tables, on his partnership with Luthor, kidnapping him and using the powerful new Lexwing aircraft to attack Metropolis. Superman and Batman must put aside their differences to save the city together.

Episode #45 - Knight Time
Original Airdate - October 10th, 1998
Superman plays dress up and disguises himself as Batman to confront Roxy Rocket, Penguin and a host of other bad guys who are picking Gotham City clean in lieu of the real Batman's mysterious absence.

Episode #49 - The Demon Reborn
Original Airdate - September 18th, 1999 - Fourth Season Premiere
Batman comes to the rescue of Superman as Ra's Al Ghul, known as "The Demon" attempts to steal Superman's powers.


Episode #24 - The Big Leagues
Original Airdate - January 26th, 2002
Dakota gets a real jolt when The Joker comes to town, recruiting a band of metahumans to wreak his own special brand of havoc. Of course, with The Joker on the loose...Batman & Robin cannot be far behind. The biggest challenge for Static comes when he must help his heroes save the day... and earn the respect of the famed caped crusader.

Episode #27 - Hard As Nails
Original Airdate - January 25th, 2003
Static teams up with Batman when he goes to Gotham City to bring back a meta-human classmate, Nails, who has been tricked into using her metallic powers to help Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

Episode #40 - Future Shock
Original Airdate - January 17th, 2004 - Fourth Season Premiere
When Static is thrust into the future, he has to team up with Batman (of Batman Beyond) to save the adult Static.

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