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Bios - Bizarro

Voiced By: George Newbern
First Appearance: "Ultimatum"
Position: Villain
Bio: An imperfect duplicate of Superman created by Lex Luthor. Using a stolen strand of Superman's DNA, Luthor developed his own "Superman", a prototype for a line of super-guardians available to the general public. The cloning process was unstable and the Superman clone mutated in form and mind into a grotesque parody of the Man of Steel dubbed a "Bizzaro" by a horrified Metropolis. (Taken from STAS Bio)

Bizarro teamed up with Giganta for a brief time, before realizing that she was merely using him for his strength. How he got off his planet with Mxyzptlk is still a mystery.

Bizarro later teamed up with Grodd's Legion. Here, he was experimented on by Grodd and Luthor before Bizarro's mind was so warped that despite hating Luthor, he did anything he commanded. Controlled by backwards logic, Bizarro is a powerful tool for the Legion to use.

For more information on Bizarro, check out his STAS Bio.

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