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Bios - Bizarro

Voiced By: Timothy Daly
First Appearance: "Identity Crisis"
Position: Enemy

Bio: An imperfect duplicate of Superman created by Lex Luthor. Using a stolen strand of Superman's DNA, Luthor developed his own "Superman", a prototype for a line of super-guardians available to the general public. By dialing 555-LEXX, a person in trouble could have one of Luthor's guardians rescue fly to their aid anytime of the day or night - for a price. Unfortunately for Lex, it didn't work.

The cloning process was unstable and the Superman clone mutated in form and mind into a grotesque parody of the Man of Steel dubbed a "Bizzaro" by a horrified Metropolis. Possessing bits of the original Superman's memory, Bizzaro set about imitating Superman's heroic actions with disastrous results. Trying to save an old woman from being struck by a bus, Bizarro did not quickly fly the woman to safety as Superman would have done, but punched the bus, sending it and its thirty-odd passengers crashing into the river!

Several more fiascoes of this sort led Bizarro into a showdown with the real Superman. Superman won the battle and placated Bizarro by giving him complete jurisdiction of the moon. Now Bizarro patrols the moon much the way Superman patrols Metropolis. Still, Bizarro operates on his own warped logic, and he could return at any time to again make life hard on Superman. The fact that he has a crush on Lois Lane doesn't help any, either.

Check out more in Justice League Unlimited.

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