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Bios - Dr. Fate and Inza

Voiced By: Oded Fehr (Dr. Fate), Jennifer Hale (Inza)
First Appearance: "Initiation" (Dr. Fate), "The Return" (Inza)
Position: Aids to the Justice League
Bio: Dr. Fate is a powerful wizard with the best interests for the world at heart. He stopped Amazo when he returned to earth to destroy Lex Luthor. Now him and Inza are directing Amazo and helping him find his place in life.

Shayera stayed with Dr. Fate and Inza for a short time after her betrayal of the League and Earth. She attempted to find her place in life; her thoughts on what to do were interrupted when Solomon Grundy came back from the grave, now wreaking havoc in a body possessed solely by rage. It is unknown whether Shayera stayed with the League or went back with Dr. Fate and Inza.

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