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Bios - General Hardcastle

Voiced By: Charles Napier
First Appearance: "Fearful Symmetry"
Position: Deceased
Bio: When General Hardcastle failed his position as ranking official when Superman went rogue, he put himself into early retirement and off in a secluded area of the US.

Though he was forgotten about, he had protection with him just in case--and when Supergirl, Green Arrow and The Question showed up, he pulled it out. Though it didn't look like much, it was loaded with kryptonite bullets that would cause a maximum area of spray, guaranteeing the target to die. Though he pointed it at Supergirl, Question disarmed Hardcastle before it could be used.

After this, Hardcastle told them about what the government was doing with cloning and metahumans. After the three heroes left, Hardcastle was approached by another guest--Galatea. Since he had told the League about the plans, Galatea was sent to remove Hardcastle from their lists

Needless to say, Galatea was successful.

For more on General Hardcastle, see his STAS bio.

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