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Bios - General Nathanial Hardcastle

Voiced By: Charles Napier
First Appearance: "The Prometheon"
Position: General

Bio: A gruff, hardened military man, General Nathanial Hardcastle has seen it all. Scarred by battle, Hardcastle has evolved into the best type of military man possible. Reliant on his men and his own abilities, he's one of the most effective men to ever wear the uniform. Quickly rising through the ranks to General, Hardcastle made a name for himself in the American forces by being able to defuse any situation.

However, while dedicated to the protection of his country and planet, Hardcastle does not trust what he cannot control, mainly aliens. Always skeptical of beings not from Earth, Hardcastle gained an instant distrust for Superman the moment he arrived on Earth. In fact, Hardcastle led the Earth forces against Superman when the Man of Steel, under Darkseid's control, attacked Earth.

A man dedicated to his country, Hardcastle will never step down.

For more on Hardcastle, check out his Justice League Unlimited bio.

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