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Legion of Super Heroes
#01 - Man of Tomorrow

Original Airdate - September 23rd, 2006
When fearsome villains the fatal five set their sights on the newly formed Legion of Super Heroes, three of the Legion's members go back in time to get help from the greatest hero of all time: Superman. Instead they find Clark Kent, aware of his powers but not yet of his grand destiny.

Written by Amy Wolfram
Directed by Ben Jones
Review by Stu
Media by The World's Finest




Saturday morning’s tradition of taking the summer’s big movie and creating an animated spin off is practically as old as the blockbuster itself. It’s never something I’ve really had a problem with – a lot of my favourite cartoons have been created because of movies. Kids WB! attempted something new this time… oh wait, no they didn’t. They’ve created yet another teen superhero show to add to the dozens already on the air and they have done so little to make it feel different than Teen Titans that I felt slightly embarrassed watching it.

As they did with Teen Titans, they’ve taken one superhero who kids already know (Superman) and added a bunch of heroes they probably wouldn’t know if they fell over in the street, in hopes of haivng more characters from which to create action figures. The problem is that none of these new characters have anything to them – they all come across as simply annoying. Never mind their uncreative names, nothing that came out of their mouths was remotely interesting. I’m aware we’re only one episode in and that there is more than enough time for improvement, but I’m struggling to remember a time when I was this apathetic towards anything I’ve watched.

The biggest mess here is Superman himself. I’m aware they’ve made him younger (this is Kids WB!, after all), but when you take away Superman’s supporting cast, his secret identity, his villains, his world and basically everything except his powers and costume, do you really have Superman? You certainly don’t have an interesting version of him, that’s for sure. This is probably coming from a personal bias as I’m a Superman fan and I admit to never having cared for The Legion Of Superheroes to begin with, but I found little of interest here in this animated version of the group.

To be fair, the visuals are very pretty to the eye, the animation rarely faltered and the casting isn’t too shabby at all, but if there’s nothing to the characters it all becomes a rather pointless endeavour. I realise we’re only one episode in, but there is little here that makes me want to stick around. I'll give it a few more shots, as there is great potential here. I imagine once the series starts to flesh-out these characters, we'll get to some real gold stuff.

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