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Legion of Super Heroes
#05 - Champions

Original Airdate - November 11th, 2006
While supporting Lighting Lad as he competes in the challenging Galactic Games, Superman and Phantom Girl uncover a sinister plot by the Fatal Five! Lightning Lad has troubles of his own when he finds his biggest competition from someone close to him.

Written by Matt Wayne
Directed by Lauren Montgomery
Mini-Review by Jack Frenzy
Media by The World's Finest



Pretty good episode. From the previews, I'd guessed that one of the Olympians was Matter-Eater Lad, but I never expected him to actually take part in combat.

However, the introduction of the un-uniformed Ultra Boy was a complete surprise. One quibble: I would've thrown in a line about Jo possessing limited powers, or some other statement about why a non-superhero has powers. Might have been confusing for those unfamiliar with the Legion.

Phantom Girl was great. Loved her impression of Superman. I get the impression that her mother doesn't have phantom powers. This seems to confirm comments that the various powered populations: Braal, Titan, etc. do not have powers in this series. Hope they aren't going with this. I understand if they want to make the Legionnaires unique, but it gives their homeworlds some extra spice.

One of the announcers mentioned the Khunds. I wonder if they'll be showing up soon. I'd prefer the Dominators though.

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