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Legion of Super Heroes
#06 - Phantoms

Original Airdate - November 4th, 2006
When Superman accidentally opens a gateway to a phantom dimension, a young man with powers identical to his is freed in the process. Now Superman must not only stop this destructive visitor, but also rescue the Legionnaires when they become trapped in the vistor's dimension.

Written by Rob Hoegee
Directed by Tim Maltby
Mini-Review by Bones Justice
Media by The World's Finest



Great episode, my favorite of the series so far, with Legacy coming in second. In fact, the only episode I haven't like so far was Fear Factory. The pilot was also only so-so but was burdened by the need to set up the premise and tell a story in just twenty-two minutes.

Anyways, Phantoms was great for all the right reasons: interesting story, no major plot holes, and great action! I liked how the Legion figured out how to get out of the Zone on their own. I also think Drax is a great villain. I'm not sure how they will bring him back but it seems like he's due for a re-match somewhere down the line. The first time I saw this episode, I was really dreading the ending -- I figured that since the projector was destroyed, Drax would remain on Earth. Even worse, I guessed that Superman would convince him that he shouldn't be "evil" anymore (isn't that how these kinds of stories usually end?). But no, the writers avoided the cliche ending and wrapped up the story in a neat and unpredictable way. Great episode, five stars. This series continues to surprise me.

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