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Legion of Super Heroes
#09 - Brain Drain

Original Airdate - February 3rd, 2007
A major malfunction sends Brainiac 5's genius IQ plummeting. To obtain the rare element needed to save him, Superman and Timber Wolf must travel to the most inhospitable planet in the galaxy -- and thanks to a transporter accident, they have only Brainy's head to guide them.

Written by Rob Hummell
Directed by Tim Maltby
Mini-Review by The Penguin
Media by The World's Finest



Overall I liked this episode, not the greatest ever or anything, but I liked the story-telling and the smaller number of heroes allowed for a greater focus. I don't think we've seen Timber Wolf since they found him.

I think the reason the music got all freaky when Brainiac was ranting was to convey the possibly dire situation he was in if Superman and the Legion weren't able to save him and bring him back.

I liked the part at the end where Brainy told Clark there were things he would have to learn for himself, it brought back that young Superman is "on loan" from his real time period.

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