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Legion of Super Heroes
#18 - Karate Kid

Original Airdate - October 27th, 2007
When the dreaded Legion Auditions produce just one potential new member, Nemesis Kid, Superman goes out recruiting, and finds an unlikely candidate to join the Legion. A perpetual underdog, Karate Kid has no super powers, which goes against Legion membership rules, but Superman believes he has the heart to join the Legion. As the Legion hunts down Grimbor the Chainsman, Karate Kid believes he can be an asset, while the others worry he is only putting himself in harm's way.

Written by Eddie Guzelian
Directed by Brandon Vietti, Scott Jeralds
Mini-Review by 90sCartoonMan
Media by The World's Finest




A so-so episode. I think it's the weakest of the season so far. Not that that's a bad thing because I've enjoyed every episode. I like that Cham is part of the core group, but if we see that some of the others like Saturn Girl and Bouncing Boy were taken away screen time because of him, it wouldn't sit right with me in the longrun. This is the first Superman appearance outside of the premiere. I wonder, in the end, which of the two will prove to be the more interesting in episodes that don't spotlight them?

Karate Kid was cool. He looked kind of small, but I guess that was to emphasize the fact that he didn't have any powers but had a lot of fight in him. I look forward to seeing more of him. I wonder if they're going to do a recruitment episode every season. I loved how Lightning Lad was so against try outs.

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