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Legion of Super Heroes
#19 - Who Am I?

Original Airdate - November 3rd, 2007
In order to infiltrate Imperiex's ranks, the Legion decide to have Chameleon Boy take the form of the villain Persuader. But in order to make the disguise complete, they must also reprogram Chameleon Boy's mind so that he believes that he actually is Persuader. Things go terribly wrong when his Legion teammates are unable to make Chameleon Boy remember who he really is.

Written by J.M. DeMatteis
Directed by James Tucker
Mini-Review by Simpler Simon
Media by The World's Finest



I liked the plot twist, felt they really rushed the first half of the episode to get to that point. Cham's personality change, infiltration, Persuader's escape, arrival, the Legion's rescue, Cham regaining his memories, the twist reveal - just way too much coming in at a breakneck pace. If they'd wanted to focus on Ron-Karr's change of heart at the end, there were more streamlined ways to build to that.

Plus, is it just me or was anyone else expecting another twist to top the Roncar reveal in the end? If the episode was all about plot twists, they needed one more in there. If it was a character driven episode, it needed less clutter.

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