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The World's Finest recently approached and asked Young Justice comic artist Christopher Jones to discuss his thoughts and provide commentary on his stint on the acclaimed comic title based on the fan-favorite animated series. Jones joined as regular artist for Young Justice as of issue #5 and provided artwork up to the final issue with #25, save for the odd fill-in issue. Below, Jones provides a series of commentary and production artwork from his time on Young Justice. Continue below for much more!

How time flies can you're having fun. It's hard to believe that issue #25, the final issue of our Young Justice comic is out, as it seems like just a couple of months ago that I drew issue #5, my first on the title as penciler.

I don't think I've ever worked on another project in comics that I feel as proud of as this run. I love these characters, and got to draw some iconic moments and fantastic stories.

I think the character designs from the TV show are brilliant so it was no hardship to follow them, but I was delighted to be giving the chance to design the Young Justice versions of characters like Talia al Ghul, Grodd, Deadshot, and Brainiac.

And I couldn't have asked to have better partners in this series:

Art and Franco who wrote the first two-parter I drew
Dan Davis who inked my early issues on the series
Zac Atkinson who enhanced everything I drew with his fine color work
Jim Chadwick and Sarah Gaydos, my fabulous editors who had to balance the intent of the creative team with DC's desire to brand the series as a kids' book
Kevin Hopps for his contributions on several scripts
And of course Greg Weisman for his stories, the characterizations, the relationships, and making Young Justice the most integrated and relevant tie-in comic for a TV show ever.

It's hard for my to pick a favorite issue or story from the run, as one of the pleasures of it was the many characters and storylines that were constantly changing and rotating through, making it impossible for me to get bored. But I can probably site some favorite moments...

Young Justice #5
Stories told by the campfire
Iconic origins including origins for Barry Allen and Wally West

Young Justice #6
The Flying Graysons and the Origin of Robin
The imagined origin of Miss Martian
The Superboy vs Superman (virtual) smackdown

Young Justice #7
Artemis and her mysterious home life

Young Justice #8

Young Justice #9
A Viet Nam era murder mystery - in a 2012 "kids' book"???
Revisions, revisions, revisions
Re-designing "The Camboidan"

Young Justice #10
Fun action scenes
Somehow we got away with having a character light up and smoke a cigar. Maybe because he was a villain?

Young Justice #11
Ra's al FREAKING Ghul (a favorite character I'd wanted to draw for years).
Designing Talia and Ubu
Getting to draw the Young Justice Batcave
The Lazarus Pit

Young Justice #12
I barely remember drawing this one! (I didn't - it was a fill-in issue. ;) )

Young Justice #13
The Team battling Clayface
The creepy kiss between Kid-Flash and Miss Martian/Clayface
Seamlessly dovetailing from an original story into events from the beginning of Episode 8 ("Downtime")

Young Justice #14
The beginning of my run as inker!
Getting to design much of the large Atlantean cast
Having to DRAW page after page with the LARGE ATLANTEAN CAST!

Young Justice #15
Epic battles

Young Justice #16
Getting to draw 3 iconic dynamic duos in action: Batman & Robin, Flash & Kid Flash, Green Arrow & Artemis
The Zoo sequence
The hotel for CONvergence (the SF convention I helped start) makes a cameo appearance

Young Justice #17
Getting to draw my home town of Minneapolis
A cameo appearance by my girlfriend and Web Minion Hal on page 8

Young Justice #18
Gorillas, Gorillas, Gorillas
Did I mention the Gorillas?

Young Justice #19
Another fill-in issue

Young Justice #20
The Invasion begins - LOTS of new Season 2-era characters!
Connor Kent meets Clark Kent
Designing the Young Justice version of Brainiac

Young Justice #21
Designing the Young Justice version of the obscure Captain Atom villain Klystar!
The first of five issues with lots and lots of crystal
Captain Marvel joins the action!

Young Justice #22
Bette and Artemis go to Dick Grayson's birthday party at Wayne Manor
Match mutates into the Young Justice Bizarro (my design)

Young Justice #23
My design of Deadshot makes its debut
Two-Face's lair
Martian Manhunter and The Flash confront Brainiac on board his ship
Miss Martian and Lagoon Boy share a moment

Young Justice #24
Batgirl vs Match/Bizarro
The Justice League vs Kylstar

Young Justice #25
Spin the bottle
The HUGE cast on Klystar and Brainiac's ships
Queen Bee and Marie Logan
Dick & Babs
Never The End

Plenty more of Christopher Jone' artwork, commentary, and thoughts can be found at Major thanks to Christopher Jones for providing his time, thoughts, work, and effort into both this special commentary and his work on "Young Justice!" Issues from the "Young Justice" series from DC Comics can be found through digital outlets and at all comic book stores and retail locations!

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