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Batman: The Animated Series – Bios – Rupert Thorne

Bios – Rupert Thorne Voiced By: John Vernon

First Appearance: “Two Face, Part 1”
Position: Mob Boss
Bio: Rupert Thorne is a man that no one wants as an enemy. Thorne controls most of the underworld dealings around Gotham, and has competition in the form of Arnold Stromwell. Rupert Thorne is usually able to avoid be apprehended by the police, but whenever he is caught, he’s able to quickly get released, and back to business. Thorne is also looking to permanently finish off Batman, to complete his control over Gotham. Thorne has everyone from politicians to policemen on the take. While Thorne does have some “legit” businesses, almost every Gothamite knows about his dirty dealings. Thorne’s crimes also have a dark side to them. His brother, Matt Thorne, was forced to take his medical practice underground after not reporting a bullet wound to Rupert’s chest. Thorne continues to control most of Gotham’s seedy underworld.

For more, refer to the The New Batman Adventures bio.


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