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Happy Holidays from The World’s Finest

While 2007 passed by quickly, it was a busy year here for all of us. New movies, new television series (more of both to come in the coming years, by the way), new comics, all of it has kept us both busy and talking. But, now that the holidays are here, things can finally slow down just a little bit so we can take it all in. We can relax just a little bit as the news slows down just before the New Year.

Still, it’s been an excellent year for The World’s Finest with the site revamp, the addition of new sections and the new DVD-themed spin-off, The WF DVD Report. It’s been a blast on our side and we hope you’ve been enjoying it as well. New and Updates will slow down a little bit over the next couple of weeks, but once 2008 arrives, we’ll be roaring back with a plethora of stuff that will, undoubtedly, keep everyone talking. Oh, before I forget, if you have any site updates you’d like to see, please PM or email Bird Boy and/or myself. We’ll get to them quicker that way! Okay, now where was I?

Oh yes! So, as the year comes to a close, Zach, myself, and everyone who lends a hand here at The World’s Finest, would like to wish everyone the best in the coming holiday season. Why not pop in Justice League’s “Comfort & Joy,” or Batman: The Animated Series’ “Christmas with the Joker” and “Holiday Knights” to celebrate this festive time? And why not crack open some of the holiday-themed Batman Adventures comics? There’s some great stories to be read there.

But in the spirit of the season, I, as well as everyone involved with The World’s Finest, would again like to wish everyone here a great holiday season! Id also like to thank the strong creative teams of our favorite programs, movies, and comics for providing a year that had all of the DC Animation fans talking! It’s been a great year here and we’d like to thank everyone who has made stopping here for a few minutes apart of their daily ritual. We strive to do our best, even when it seems like there’s too much on our plate and not enough hours in the day, we strive to keep and retain our status as the No. #1 largest DC-Animated themed site on the net. There’s a lot more to come in 2008, so stick around!

So, to all, Happy Holidays!

-James Harvey-Richardson
-Zach Demeter

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