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Young Justice: Legacy – Transcript Part 1

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Young Justice: Legacy – Transcript Part 1

(This is cutscene #1)


Aqualad and Nightwing are in the mission room working from holo screens when the Zeta Tubes activate.

Computer “Kid Flash B-0-3. Artemis B-0-7.”

Kid Flash “Hey, what’s shakin’ peeps?”

Artemis “Peeps? Really? He didn’t have his pancakes today.”

Kid Flash “What? It’s been so boring lately. Please! I’m hoping for a little mayhem, you know? Maybe a little global anarchy…”

Batman comes up on a holo screen. Aqualad turns to Kid Flash.

Aqualad “Careful what you wish for. Go ahead, Batman”

Batman “The archaeologist Dr. Helena Sandsmark has been abducted.”

Kid Flash “A kidnapping? Awesome!”

Artemis “Wally!”

Aqualad “Helena Sandsmark? I believe Aquaman has mentioned her work.”

Batman “Yes, it’s of scholarly interest to both him and Wonder Woman, who is otherwise occupied on Themyscira and asked us to investigate. Sandsmark was taken from an excavation site near Olympia, Greece. Local authorities have had no luck. Send a squad and find her.”

Kid Flash “Why would anyone kidnap an archaeologist? Is she rich?”

Batman is silent.

Kid Flash “What? I don’t care if she’s got money. I just figure knowing the motive might help.”

Batman “She’s a single mother raising a young daughter on a teacher’s salary. She’s far from wealthy, and in any case, there has been no ransom demand.”

Kid Flash “See. That could mean something.”

Aqualad “Coordinates received. Bumblebee and Lagoon Boy are on special assignment, but I’ll call in the rest of the Team. You can count on us, Batman.”

Batman “I know. I do.”



  1. RUINS


The Bio-Ship drops Nightwing, Kid Flash, and Artemis off at the ruins.

(proceed to first tent with table to activate cutscene #2)

Artemis activates her comm.

Artemis “Alpha Squad to Cave. We’ve arrived at the dig site in Greece. Whatever went down here with Dr. Sandsmark, it involves the League of Shadows. They’re swarming the place. Like they’re searching for something.

Red Tornado “Acknowledged.”

Cheshire “Keep digging! It’s here somewhere.”

Artemis “Cheshire…”

Alpha Squad approaches and walks towards Cheshire.

Cheshire “Well, if it isn’t the “Little Leaguers.” I see Batman finally let you out for recess.”

Artemis “Whatever scheme you’ve got going, Cheshire, I don’t care. Just tell me where Dr. Sandsmark is. She’s an innocent bystander.”

Cheshire “No one’s “innocent,” Sis. Not you, not me, not your precious Team –”

Artemis “Jade, please, you don’t have to do this.”

Cheshire “Still trying to save me from myself? Maybe some other time.”

Cheshire walks off. League of Shadows appear and bar the Squad’s path.

  1. Dig Site

(in-game dialogue)

Red Tornado “Red Tornado to Alpha Squad. I am detecting an unidentified GPS tag emanating from your approximate location.”

Aquagirl “It might be connected to Dr. Sandsmark’s abduction.”

Artemis “Acknowledged. We’re on it.”

(approach set of planks to trigger cutscene #3)

Alpha Squad leaps to the ground below. Artemis finds a tablet device. She activates her comm.

Artemis “Alpha Squad to Cave. We’ve located the GPS device. There are some initials carved on the back. HS… Helena Sandsmark! She must’ve dropped it when she was abducted. The device is picking up a set of coordinates. They’re not far from here.”

Aquagirl “Stay alert. It could be a trap.”

Artemis “Don’t worry. With my crazy sister around, we’re ready for anything.”

III. Greek Amphitheatre

(cutscene #4 starts the level)

Artemis plays a recording on the tablet device. Helena’s voice is heard.

Dr. Sandsmark “Please let someone find this… my name is Dr. Helena Sandsmark. I have been abducted. I don’t know where my captors have taken me, but it has something to do with a statue fragment we recently excavated at the site I was working near Olympia. Markings on the fragment suggest it’s Babylonian. But how could such a thing come to be buried beneath a Grecian ruin? My captors want me to somehow locate more pieces of the statue. If anyone is listening, please, help me!”

Artemis taps her comm.

Artemis “Alpha to Cave. Did you get that?”

Aquagirl “I am attempting to track the signal back to its source location… No luck.”

Artemis “So we can receive her messages, but we can’t send any back? Maybe Dr. Sandsmark is trying to leave us breadcrumbs.”

Aquagirl “At least we now know what they were after. Have you located the artifact?”

Artemis “Artifacts. They’re everywhere. But if these guys are still searching, it means they haven’t found it yet.”

Aquagirl “Then there is still a chance to stop them.”

Fade to black.

(cutscene #5)

Cheshire was perched atop a pillar overlooking the amphitheatre. She leaps off and lands near the Alpha Squad.

Artemis “Cheshire!”

Cheshire “Stay out of my way.”

Artemis “We know what you want.”

Cheshire “Please. Half the time I don’t even know what I want.”

Artemis “Jade, it’s never too late… to join us.”

Cheshire “So I can chase bad guys and have “real” friends? Have we met? And are we done with this small talk yet?”

Artemis “Don’t make me hurt you.”

Cheshire “Oh, so it’s big talk now…”

Boss battle.

(After defeating Cheshire, cutscene #6 activates)

The squad surrounds Cheshire, unconscious on the ground. Aquagirl’s voice is heard over comm.

Aquagirl “Aquagirl to Alpha Squad.”

Artemis “Go ahead.”

Aquagirl “I have been gathering information. The Museum of Natural History in Athens opened an exhibit today to showcase the artifacts recovered by Dr. Sandsmark’s dig. If the League of Shadows has not yet found the statue fragment at the excavation…”

Artemis “Then it’s probably one of the artifacts on display at the museum. Thanks, Aquagirl. We’re on our way.”

(Daddy’s Little Girl achievement)



(cutscene #7)


Several hostages are surrounded by armed men.

Hostage “Let me go!”

Artemis “This way.”

(cutscene #8)

Room rumbles. Debris falls from ceiling.

Artemis “What was that?”

Aquagirl “Aquagirl to Alpha. I contacted the museum director. The artifacts from Dr. Sandsmark’s dig are on display in the Antiquities wing on the top floor.”

Artemis “Acknowledged.”

Red Tornado “Red Tornado to Alpha Squad. Sensors show heavy seismic activity in the area…”

Artemis “Yeah, it just knocked us off our feet.”

Red Tornado “Stay on task. I will request a League member be sent to help stabilize the area.”

Artemis “Right.”

Red Tornado “Seismographs indicate the source of the quake is coming from inside the museum.”

Artemis “How is that even possible?”

Sportsmaster eavesdrops on the Squad’s conversation. Artemis sees him.

Artemis “Should’ve known… ”

Artemis runs after him but Sportsmaster makes it to the elevator and closes the door. Artemis pounds on the door.


(cutscene #9)

Sportsmaster grabs the statue fragment and places it in his duffel bag.

Sportsmaster “Well, well. My other spawn.”

Artemis “Yeah, it’s a regular family reunion. Where’s Dr. Sandsmark?”

Sportsmaster “Safe. For now.”

Artemis “You have the artifact. You can let her go.”

Artemis fires an arrow at Sportsmaster. He easily dodges it.

Sportsmaster “Sorry. Not my call.”

Artemis “Then you don’t get to leave with it. Not without a fight.”

Sportsmaster “We’ve done this before, Baby-Girl. You can’t win.”

Artemis “I already won. When I got away from you.”

Sportsmaster “And here I was worried I wouldn’t have time for my workout today.”

(Defeating Sportsmaster leads to cutscene #10)

A helicopter arrives and a roll up ladder is tossed through the shattered dome in the ceiling. Artemis quickly plants a tracer on her arrow.

Artemis “STOP!”

Artemis fires and manages to plant the tracer on Sportsmaster’s left foot.

Sportsmaster “Poor performance, Baby-Girl. Consider getting out of the game.”

Sportsmaster is lifted out of the museum. The museum starts violently shaking again.

Artemis “Alpha Squad to Cave. I put a tracer on Sportsmaster, but he escaped with the statue fragment. The museum is coming down around us. We don’t have much time.”

Aquagirl “Acknowledged, Alpha Squad. Get out of there!”

(Match Day achievement unlocked)



(cutscene #11)

Alpha Squad meets up with Green Lantern (Stewart).

Artemis “Finally.”

Green Lantern “We have to get these people to safety. I can create a protective shield, but I’ll need your help. If we’re all going to make it out in one piece.”

Artemis “We’ve got your back.”

(end of corridor activates cutscene #12)

Green Lantern “Excellent work, Team. You saved a lot of lives today.”

Artemis “You too, Green Lantern. Alpha Squad to Cave. We’re headed home.”

(Robin/Tim Drake unlocked and Greece concept art unlocked notices)

(cutscene #13)


Nightwing operates the center holo screen. Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy, Artemis and Miss Martian and stand nearby. Aquagirl is on the left holo screen and Batman on the right holo screen.

Aqualad “Clearly, there is more going on than just Dr. Sandsmark’s kidnapping.”

Artemis “Yeah, and my dad and sister are at the heart of it.”

Kid Flash walks over and comforts her, placing his right hand on her left shoulder.

Kid Flash “Babe, this isn’t your fault.”

Superboy “Wally’s right. We don’t get to choose our family.”

Kid Flash “Hey, I’ve got to be right some of the time. Law of averages.”

Aqualad “But we do choose our friends, and we have all chosen you.”

Kid Flash “We’re your family now. Well, plus your mom, who’s pretty cool.”

Artemis “Thanks, guys. But Dr. Sandsmark is still missing, and my da- I mean Sportsmaster escaped with the fragment.”

Batman “Which gives us an advantage. With the tracer in place, we’re tracking Sportmaster’s movements.”

Miss Martian “And he could lead us straight to Dr. Sandsmark.”

Aquagirl “Dr. Sandsmark’s transmission said they are forcing her to locate other statue fragments.”

Artemis “Why would they be this desperate to get an ancient statue?”

Miss Martian “Whatever the answer, it won’t be pretty.”

Kid Flash “Where’s Sportsmaster now?”

Nightwing “The tracer has stopped in Siberia.”

Kid Flash “Siberia? What could he possibly want there? I mean, besides hypothermia.”

Aqualad “That is exactly what we must find out.”

Superboy “Aquagirl, what are we dealing with exactly? In Siberia, I mean.”

Aquagirl “Arctic tundra, frozen rivers, a small mining community. Average temperatures for this time of year are subarctic. Currently five degrees.”

Kid Flash “Snowcones, here we come!”




(cutscene #14)




Superboy checks Dr. Sandsmark’s tablet.

Superboy “Receiver’s not responding.”

(in-game dialogue)

Superboy “Alpha Squad to Cave. Can you update the tracer coordinates? Aquagirl, Red Tornado, come in. Something’s interfering with our signal.”

(in-game dialogue)

Superboy “Earthquakes in Greece and now in Siberia? No way that’s a coincidence.”

(end of level, cinematic #15)

Alpha Squad reaches a ledge.

Superboy “Dead end.”

Superboy looks at the tablet.

Superboy “Signal’s intermittent, but we’re headed in the right direction. We need to find a way across.”

They see something nearby.

Superboy “There!”

A Cargo ship.

Superboy “This way.”

Alpha Squad leaps off the ledge and lands on the tail end of the ship’s deck.


Alpha Squad turns the corner, Superboy stops them. There’s a gate and transmission tower guarded by the League of Shadows. The Squad ducks to the right.

Superboy “That antenna’s probably jamming our signal. Better take it out.

(in-game dialogue)

Superboy “Alpha Squad to Cave, do you read?”

Aquagirl “Loud and clear, Alpha.”

Superboy “No sign of Sportmaster or Dr. Sandsmark, but we found a base camp.”

Aquagirl “Acknowledged. We are reading seismic activity there similar to Greece.”

Superboy “We noticed. You think whatever Sportsmaster is doing is causing these earthquakes?”

Aquagirl “We cannot ignore the possibility.”

Superboy “Do we still have a line on Sportsmaster?”

Aquagirl “Reloading tracer coordinates now.”

(cinematic #16)

Villager “Please, just tell us what you want!”

Superboy “They’re capturing villagers.”

Villager “You cannot do this!”

The Shadows place him on pedestal.

Villager “NO!”

He is frozen.

Superboy “We have to stop them!”


(cinematic #17)

Killer Frost “I heard someone was messing with my little… project. With you freeing all my captives, how am I supposed to decorate my Frost Garden?”

Superboy “They allow frost gardens in Belle Reve? Because that’s where you’re going.”

Killer Frost “You’re messing with my zen.”

(after defeating Killer Frost, cinematic #18)

Superboy looks at tablet.

Superboy “Alpha to Cave. We’re closing in on Sportsmaster.”

Aquagirl “Acknowledged, Alpha. Be careful.”



(cinematic #19)

Icicle Junior mans a laser cannon cutting into ice. Sportsmaster watches.

Sportsmaster “How much longer, Junior?”

Icicle Jr. “You want this thing intact? Then don’t rush me.”

Sportsmaster holds up first fragment.

Sportsmaster “These things are dangerous. This whole mountain could come tumbling down around us if you’re not careful. Maybe Icey SENIOR would’ve been a better choice.”

Icicle Jr. “Chill, dude. I’m on it.”

The second fragment falls from the ice. Icicle Junior runs up to grab it off the ground.

Icicle Jr. “Oh yeah! Who’s the boss now?”

Sportsmaster “That’s two fragments recovered. Time to book.”

Superboy “You’re not going anywhere, Sportsmaster.”

Icicle Jr. “The super-knockoff and a couple more losers!”

Superboy “Hand over the fragments.”

Sportsmaster “”Hand ’em over?” Does that ever work for you?”

Superboy “I kind of hoped you’d say something like that.”

Sportsmaster “You want a piece? Bring it.”

(after defeating both, cinematic #20)

Sportsmaster drops the fragments. The mountain becomes very unstable. Sportsmaster and Junior run for it.

Superboy “The fragments… ”

Superboy grabs them but the gate locks behind Sportsmaster and Junior. Superman suddenly bashes his way in to the room.

Superboy “Kal-El… Superman, what’re you doing here?”

Superman “The  earthquakes are causing the mountain to crumble. They’re threatening the village on the other side. I tunneled a hole here to help divert the flow. But I need your help. We can’t let the avalanche reach them.”

Superboy “The tunnels!”



(cinematic #21-23)

After clearing each tunnel, Alpha Squad runs to the next area. Superman releases his hold and the avalanche tumbles through. Superman and Alpha get into the next room. Superman holds the tunnel closed.

(end of level, cinematic #24)

Villagers cheer on Superman and Alpha Squad.

Superman “Good work, Kon-El. I couldn’t have done it without you and Alpha.”

(cinematic #25)


The Zeta-Tube activates. Tempest arrives.

Computer “Recognized: Tempest-B-One-Zero.”

Tempest walks up to Aqualad. Batman is on one holo screen.

Tempest “What’ve I missed?”

Batman “Well done. You recovered the fragments in Greece and Siberia, and without your help I’m not sure Superman could have saved that village from the avalanche. He’s grateful… To all of you.”

Miss Martian looks at Superboy.

Superboy “But Dr. Sandsmark is still missing.”

Aqualad “We will find her.”

Nightwing “(Batman) Check this out. I made 3D scans of the fragments.”

Miss Martian “They fit together.”

Kid Flash “Dr. S. said the fragments were Babylonian, right?”

Tempest “There are similarities to ancient texts. But those etchings. They could be sigils. Maybe the statue has magical properties.”

Aqualad “I had the same thought, Tempest.  I sent the fragments with Aquagirl to the research center at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to discover everything she can about them…”

Aquagirl comes up on a holo screen.

Aquagirl “I am on site with the fragments and will have results for you as soon as possible.”

Tempest “Hurry back, Tula [Aquagirl in subtitles]. I – the Team misses you.”

Aquagirl “Thank you, Garth.” [Thanks, Garth in subtitles]

Miss Martian “How do pieces of a millenia-old statue come to be buried in such distant places across the planet?”

Aqualad “The real question is why a collection of our greatest enemies [is] works together to find them? This is clearly another operation of the Light.”

Kid Flash “Like we needed more of a reason to hate on them.”

Artemis “But where do we go from here? We still don’t know where Dr. Sandsmark is and there’s no tracer to follow this time.”

Batman “Find something?”

Nightwing “The equipment we saw in Siberia seemed familiar…”

Artemis “LexCorp…”

Superboy “First, Cheshire and Sportsmaster, then Killer Frost and Icicle Jr., now Lex Luthor? This is definitely The Light.”

Batman “League intel shows Luthor is overseeing some sort of mining operation on Santa Prisca.”

Kid Flash “Mining? More like fishing… for fragments.”

Batman “That seems clear now. Aquaman is already on the island investigating the sudden rise of toxic metals in the water and soil. It could be related. He’ll be your contact there.”

Kid Flash “Yes! Caribbean vacation! Hey, anybody remember where we keep the sunscreen?”

Nightwing does a face palm. Tempest throws his hands down.




(cutscene #26)


FEBRUARY 17, 14:36 ECT


Alpha Squad leaps from Bio-Ship.

Batman “Batman to Alpha Squad. I am transmitting rendezvous coordinates. Aquaman will meet you there.”

(cutscene #27)

Gates close behind Alpha Squad. One of Bane’s men jumps out from a tree with a gun.

Henchman “¡Párese!”

They are surrounded by men.

Aqualad “Alpha Squad, form up!”

Aqualad grabs his Water-Bearers.

(cutscene #28)

Aqualad “Alpha Squad to Aquaman. We have reached the rendezvous point. Aquaman, do you read? Alpha Squad to -”

Aqualad pauses and motions the others to hide. Aqualad rolls behind a gate.

Aqualad “Those are Black Manta Troopers! Alpha to Watchtower. No sign of Aquaman at the rendezvous point. But we found Troopers. Black Manta may be on the island.”

Batman “Proceed with caution.”

(in-game dialogue)

Aqualad “Alpha Squad to Watchtower. We have disabled a unit of Troopers. Still no sign of Aquaman.”

Batman “Aquaman’s last communication indicated he was in the vicinity of something called Atabey’s Shrine, not far from your current position. I’ve asked Aquagirl to gather more intel.”

Aqualad “Acknowledged.”

(in-game dialogue)

Red Tornado “It appears that there’s a GPS transmission signal from Dr. Sandsmark close to your position. Proceed with caution.”

(in-game dialogue)

Red Tornado “You have successfully downloaded a new transmission from Dr. Sandsmark. Processing data now.”

(in-game dialogue)

Red Tornado “It appears that there’s a GPS transmission signal from Dr. Sandsmark close to your position. Proceed with caution.

Incoming transmission from Dr. Sandsmark. Protect the area, Alpha.”


(in-game dialogue)

Red Tornado “You have successfully downloaded a new transmission from Dr. Sandsmark. Processing data now.”


(enter amphitheatre, cutscene #29)

Aqualad “What is this place?”

Bane appears above them.

Bane “Always looking for answers, eh, niños?”

Aqualad “Bane…”

Bane “Looks like your little sightseeing trip will be cut short. Too bad though.”

Bane tosses something. It lands at Aqualad’s feet. It’s Aquaman’s belt buckle.

Bane “You haven’t had a chance to try the fish!”

Aqualad picks up buckle.

Aqualad “That is Aquaman’s… What have you done with him?”

Bane leaps down to the Squad’s level.

Bane “You could say I fed him to the sharks.”

Aqualad readies his Water-Bearers.

(defeat Bane, cutscene #30)

Bane falls to his knees.

Aqualad “You should be wary of fish.”

Bane stands up and dashes at Aqualad.

Bane “Rrrraaaaaarrrrghhhh!!!!!!”

Aqualad jumps out of the way. Bane crashes into the wall. He falls on his back, unconscious.

Aqualad “… Some have teeth.”

Santa Prisca rumbles.

Red Tornado “Red Tornado to Alpha Squad. Based on current seismic activity, we believe the Light has located another fragment.”

Aqualad “We are running out of time.”



(start of Mission 8, in-game dialogue)

Aqualad “Alpha Squad to Aquagirl. Can you tell us more about Atabey’s Shrine?”

Aquagirl “Yes, I am studying that information now. Atabey’s Shrine is a pre-Columbian temple – circa 8th century B.C. – dedicated to Atabey, goddess of water and fertility.”

Aqualad “It appears Luthor has modified the entire temple with LexCorp tech.”

Aquagirl “Not without purpose. Watch yourselves.”


(start of ii. Ancient Elevator, cutscene #31)

Aqualad peers down.

Aqualad “We must find a way down.”


(start of iii. Temple Drilling Site, cutscene #32)

Aqualad spies Lex Luthor, Black Manta and a captive Aquaman. Luthor places a statue fragment into a case held by a Heavy Bot. Aquaman is being held in some sort of stasis chamber.

Aquaman “The fragments, the statue… you want with it?”

Black Manta “For me, they are stepping stones… into the Light.

Still your arrival made the mission all the sweeter, Aquaman. The fall of the Sea King. It’s been a long time coming.”

Aqualad rolls onto the platform.

Aqualad “It is you who will fall, Black Manta!”

Black Manta “Well, if it isn’t the King’s lapdog.”

Aqualad “Where is Dr. Sandsmark?”

Lex Luthor “Making herself useful.”

Lex Luthor turns to Aqualad.

Aqualad “We will stop you.”

Lex Luthor “You have to find her first. Spider Bots!”

Spider Bots activate. Luthor and Manta run for the Manta Flyer.

Black Manta “Manta to Flyer: Suspend Restoration Protocol. Initiate Tactical Offensive System.”

(blow up devices, cutscene #33)

Black Manta “I’ll run interference, Luthor!”

Lex Luthor “And your efforts are appreciated, my friend.”

Luthor leaps onto his hovercraft. Black Manta turns to Alpha Squad.

(disable all Aquaman Force Field Generators, cutscene #34)

Aquaman falls to his knees.

Aquaman “Thank you.”

Black Manta “No! I will have my revenge…”

Aqualad kicks Manta into one of the broken generator power sources.

Aqualad “This ends here, Manta. You will never threaten Atlantis or its King again.”

Black Manta “My poor… Kaldur’ahm. If only your blind loyalty would let you see… Why don’t you tell him, Sea King? Tell him what you’ve kept from him all these years.”

Aquaman “Umm… Luthor still has the fragment. We have to stop him before he leaves Santa Prisca.”

Aqualad “Yes… of course.”

Black Manta “Always the dutiful subject, I (do) wonder when you will finally think for yourself.”

Black Manta passes out.

Aqualad “Alpha Squad, to the hovercraft!”



(cutscene #35)

Aquaman and Alpha Squad ride a water construct aboard Lex Luthor’s hovercraft.

Aquaman “I’ll try to slow those hovercrafts down so you can climb aboard. If you target the engines, you should be able to disable them.”

Aquaman dives overboard into the river.

(cutscene #36-37)

Alpha Squad boards the next hovercraft.

(disable the third and last hovercraft, cutscene #38)

Lex Luthor sees Aquaman and Alpha Squad over his shoulder. He runs to his levitation device and leaves the statue fragment behind.

Lex Luthor “I’m afraid we’ll have to continue these negotiations at a later date. Feel free to call my assistant…”

Lex Luthor flies away. Aqualad picks up the fragment and looks at it then activates comm.

Aqualad “Alpha Squad to Cave. We have retrieved the third fragment.”

Red Tornado “Acknowledged, Alpha Squad. Well done.”

Aqualad turns to Aquaman and returns his belt buckle.

Aqualad “My king, I am relieved to see you safe.

But there is something you need to tell me.”

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