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Young Justice: Legacy – Transcript Part 2

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Young Justice: Legacy – Transcript Part 2

Aquaman nods his head.


(cutscene #39)

Aqualad “King Orin, please. I have unanswered questions.”

Black Manta said you were keeping things from me. You didn’t deny it.”

Aquaman “Perhaps you should discuss this with your parents…”

Aqualad “I am discussing it with you.”

Aquaman “It is about your father.”

Aqualad “My father? What would Calvin Durham have to do with Manta?”

Aquaman sighs sadly.

Aquaman “Calvin Durham is… not your father. At least not biologically.”

Aqualad “I do not understand. Why would you withhold this secret from me?”

Aquaman “To keep you from seeking out your true father.”

Aqualad “And who is that?”

Aquaman is silent.

Aqualad “I deserve to know. Clearly, others know the truth. You, my mother, even Manta…”

Aquaman is silent.

Aqualad “No. Do not say it. Not Black Manta.”

Aquaman “I only sought to protect you, Kaldur’ahm.”

Aqualad “You would protect me with a lie?”

Aquaman “None of this changes who you are. Nor who raised you as his son.”

Aqualad “Then why keep it from me? I trusted you. I would have given my life for you.”

Aquaman tries to comfort him but Aqualad slaps his hand away and walks toward the others.

Aquaman “Kaldur!”

Aqualad keeps walking. Aquaman stops himself. He walks to a Zeta-Tube.

(cutscene #40)

Nightwing turns to Aqualad.

Nightwing “Hey, are you okay?”

Batman comes up on a holo screen.

Batman “Status report.”

Nightwing “I’ve uploaded the corrupted files from Dr. Sandsmark’s last message. Running it through repair algorithms now. I can recover it, but it’ll take some time.”

Aquagirl appears on another holo screen.

Aquagirl “Hello, Team. I received the third fragment.”

Nightwing “What’ve you found out?”

Aquagirl “I searched the Watchtower database for relevant matches… The statue – what is left of it- is thousands of years old. Carbon-dating suggests 2nd Millennium BCE by surface-world reckoning. It is engraved with a combination of ancient Babylonian cuneiform… And something else…”

Miniature holo screens pop up on Aquagirl’s.

Nightwing “It almost looks like a circuit board.”

Miss Martian and Superboy turn and look at each other.

Aquagirl “This is an obscure drawing from a Babylonian temple scholar, 2nd Millennium. Notice the similar carvings. Certain Xenology specialists have suggested this could be evidence of an archaic alien race. The statue depicts a primordial chaos creature named Tiamat from the legend of Tiamat and Marduk. The story is one of the oldest recorded versions of… what your scholars call the ‘Chaoskampf myth’.”

Kid Flash “The Chaos what-now?”

Aquagirl “The Chaoskampf myth. A story that represents the battle between chaos and order.”

Kid Flash “I hate fuzzy sciences.”

Aquagirl “In this version of the myth, Tiamat was set loose to destroy the world and put an end to the conflict. So the gods issued a summons for a hero. And Marduk, a young demi-god from Mesopotamia, answered the call. Marduk was said to have “petitioned the four winds” to create lightning and rain to defeat Tiamat. After that, Marduk was inducted into the Babylonian pantheon and his name passed into legend as the “god of gods”.”

Tempest “Lightning and rain? I have that covered.”

Artemis “Does that mean Marduk was some kind of… ancient superhero?”

Aquagirl “That is the theory.”

Batman “Solid work, Aquagirl.”

Nightwing “Yes! Repair’s complete. Reconstructing Dr. Sandsmark’s last transmission…”

Nightwing touches the center holo screen then backs up. Dr. Sandsmark comes up on screen.

Dr. Sandsmark “I’m running out of time. They’re packing up their equipment, but now that I’ve located the remaining fragments, I fear they have no further use for me. These people, they’re… they’re dangerous. And they’re planning something big. I did hear one of them mention Gotham City. So if anyone receives this message… It’s a strange feeling, being part of the most important archaeological find in history, and not having my daughter here to share it with. What am I saying? The last thing I want is for Cassie to be in danger here with me. And if she – if anyone – gets hurt because of what I’ve done, I don’t know how I’ll live with myself.”

Artemis “Sounds like Gotham’s our best bet.”

Batman “If they’re trying to go unseen, they’ll bring her through the docks.”

Nightwing “Then that’s where we’ll start.”




(cutscene #41)


FEBRUARY 17, 20:20 EST


Nightwing and Alpha Squad run through Gotham Docks. A red laser sight rests on Nightwing’s chest. They see a sniper in the distance.

Nightwing “Look out!”

They dash behind a forklift.

(cutscene #42)

Nightwing goes to a console. Hangar door is stuck. Nightwing tries again. Same result.

Nightwing “It’s stuck.”

Riddler’s goons jump down and surround them.

Nightwing “And we’ve got company.”

(cutscene #43)

The hangar door successfully rises up… revealing a giant purple Robot Cargo Loader. It activates and steps out towards the Squad.

Nightwing “Perfect.”


(cutscene #44)

Nightwing “Dr. Sandsmark, can you hear me? Dr. Sandsmark! She’s gotta be here.”

Nightwing opens a Haly’s Circus crate and finds a photograph with Dr. Sandsmark and Cassie Sandsmark on it.

Nightwing “She definitely came through here. Alpha Squad to Cave. I think we know where we’ll find Dr. Sandsmark.”

Red Tornado “Acknowledged. And good luck.”

Camera pans down to Haly’s Circus lettering.



(cutscene #45)

Alpha Squad arrives at an empty ring.

Nightwing “Where is everybody?”

Floodlights turn on. A familiar voice erupts from loudspeakers.

The Riddler “Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages – and superpowers – welcome to the greatest show in Gotham.”

Nightwing “Riddler.”

The Riddler “Please direct your attention to the far ring.”

Dr. Sandsmark is tied to a chair.

Nightwing “Dr. Sandsmark!”

They run towards the far ring.

(cutscene #46)

Alpha Squad is suddenly mentally overwhelmed.

<painful holler>

They fall to the ground and pass out.


(cutscene #47)

Alpha Squad wakes up.

Psimon “I imagine you’re surprised to see me. In fact, I’m “imagining” it right now. Take a good look around. How does it feel to be surrounded by all your failures?”

Nightwing “It’s not over ’til it’s over, Psimon.”

A giant Psimon head rises up.

Psimon “Delusional then, too. You really are your own worst enemy.”

The little Psimon flies into the big Psimon’s mouth.

Psimon “Here, I’ll show you what I mean.”

(defeat Psimon, cutscene #48)

Psimon “NOOOO.”

Alpha Squad wakes back up at Haly’s Circus. Nightwing runs to Sandsmark.

Psimon is comatose on a wheelchair.

Nightwing “Dr. Sandsmark, you all right?”

Dr. Sandsmark “I think so. Now.”

Nightwing “Those messages were genius.”

Dr. Sandsmark “I can’t believe someone was actually listening. I thought… well I thought I was lost. But here you are. Um, who are you?”

Nightwing “In short: the good guys.”

Dr. Sandsmark “Thank you.”

Nightwing “Wait a minute, where’s Psimon?”

(cutscene #49)

Nightwing “He’s still in a coma. Riddler must be controlling him somehow.”

The Riddler “Ooooh, brat’s got his thinking cap on.”

Nightwing “We beat you, Riddler. We’ve got Dr. Sandsmark. You may as well give yourself up.”

Riddler “I could, but then we wouldn’t be able to continue our game. Besides, you’d leave behind that other “precious relic” you’re after.”

Nightwing “The fragment… where is it?”

Riddler “Others have sought me in ruins and ice. In this ‘amusing abode’ you’ll find me… for a price.”

Dr. Sandsmark “”In this ‘amusing abode’ you’ll find me.” I don’t understand.”

Nightwing “It’s a riddle.”

Dr. Sandsmark “That much I got, thank you.”

Nightwing “Amusing abode… Funhouse. Alpha Squad to Cave. We’ve rescued Dr. Sandsmark, and we know where Riddler’s keeping the last fragment. Request backup to escort the doctor to safety.”

Red Tornado “Acknowledged. Back-up en route.”



(cutscene #50)

Riddler comes up on a big screen.

The Riddler “So glad you decided to play.”

Nightwing “Chasing relics, Riddler? Not really your kind of game.”

The Riddler “Oh, but it’s exactly my kind of game… “Charades” to be exact. In fact, it’s one of the oldest charades every played.”

Nightwing “What do you mean?”

The Riddler “Sorry, no spoilers. You know, it took me three months to piece the clues together and get that dig going in Greece. Took me. Months.”

Nightwing “The clues… you led Dr. Sandsmark to the first fragment.”

Riddler “And you’d have thought she’d be more grateful. But when she refused to give it up, I had to take extreme measures. Then again, I like extreme.”

Nightwing “Let’s just get to the clues, huh?”

Riddler “Fine. “Order the colors from five to one. Get them right, and the game is done. Get them wrong, it opens a door. Surviving will be a bit of a chore. But pass the test, and I’ll give you a clue. Come back here and try it anew.” See you on the other side!”

Nightwing “I’m really starting to hate that gap-toothed freak.”

(left door, at end, in-game dialogue)

The Riddler “Green is only to the right of yellow, but one different color divides them.”

Nightwing “That could be just the clue we need. Let’s go try that floor puzzle again.”

(right door, at end, in-game dialogue)

The Riddler “Red will never be to the left of green.”

Nightwing “It’s starting to come together…”

(south door, at end, in-game dialogue)

The Riddler “Blue must be at one end, but it cannot touch red.”

Nightwing “That should solve it.”

(cutscene #51)

The final door opens. Riddler comes up on the big screen.

The Riddler “You’ve been such dedicated little lemmings. Time to be rewarded.”

Alpha Squad walks in.


(cutscene #52)

From atop a giant wheel, the Riddler is perched.

The Riddler “This is what I love most about you hero types… Your insistence on doing the right thing makes you put yourselves in dangerous situations, even when you know it’s a trap. So noble, so admirable, so predictable.”

Nightwing “The fragment, Riddler. Hand it over.”

The Riddler holds out the fragment.

The Riddler “What, this? Such a puzzling little find. One wonders what secrets it’s hiding.”

Nightwing “Why is it so important?”

The Riddler “Ah, ah, ah. A smart player never reveals his strategy. Time to spin the wheel.”

(destroy the wheel, cutscene #53)

Alpha Squad surrounds The Riddler.

The Riddler “I’m a riddler, not a fighter.”

Nightwing picks Riddler up by the collar and socks him. The fragment is tossed up in the air. Nightwing catches it.

Nightwing “And it looks like I’m a “head” of the game.”


(cutscene #54)

A Zeta-Tube activates.

Computer “Recognized: Zatanna B-Zero-Eight.”

Aqualad, Tempest, Nightwing, Miss Martian, Artemis, and Kid Flash are in the Mission Room. Batman is on the right holo screen. Dr. Sandsmark is on the left holo screen.

Batman “Good work, Team. You rescued Dr. Sandsmark and retrieved all of the fragments.”

Dr. Sandsmark “Riddler and the Light must’ve been monitoring our satellites from the first day of the dig. So when we found the fragment, they knew.”

Batman “Dr. Sandsmark, is there anything more you can tell us about the Light’s plans? Anything you might’ve seen or overheard?”

Dr. Sandsmark “When they moved me, I did see large pieces of equipment. It looked like they were building something. The machinery was covered with glowing symbols… But I only caught a glimpse.”

Zatanna “Glowing symbols… they could be using techno-sorcery to build another threat.”

Nightwing “Hm… Anything new from Aquagirl?”

Batman “She’s not responding.”

Dr. Sandsmark “Wait there’s something wrong here.”

Tempest “Yes, it is not like Aquagirl to walk away from her duties.”

Dr. Sandsmark “That’s not what I meant. This fragment… it’s a fake.”

Artemis “What?”

Kid Flash “Ha. Nice one, doc…”

Dr. Sandsmark “This is no joke. This fragment is made of a completely different material. It’s not part of the statue.”

Superboy “Then that means…”

Aqualad “Gotham was a distraction.”

Nightwing “I should have known Riddler was making things too easy.”

Supergoy “But why?”

Tempest “Tula…”

Batman “Still no response. Pulling up surveillance footage of the museum from around the time Alpha Squad left for Gotham.”

The footage plays in the center. Aquagirl is joined by ‘Tempest’

Aquagirl “Garth, I did not expect to see you. I was just preparing to contact the Team.”

Tempest “I have been with you the whole time.”

Kid Flash “I have a bad feeling about this.”

Aquagirl “Remember when I said the markings on the statue were from an alien race? I asked Green Lantern to consult with the Guardians’ historical records on Oa. He learned Tiamat was not truly a creature at all! It was a piece of alien technology. An ancient weapon. This statue is that weapon.”

‘Tempest’ holds up the joined fragments to the last one.

Aquagirl “Garth, wait. I do not think you should – You recovered the last fragment!”

‘Tempest’ “Actually, I had it all along.”

Alpha Squad recognizes the fake Tempest’s voice immediately.

Aquagirl “Garth?”

Klarion reveals himself.

Klarion “Nice of you to babysit.”

(cutscene #55)

Aquagirl “Klarion!”

Klarion “But it’s time to let the big kids have their turn…”

Klarion opens a portal and walks through it.

Aquagirl “You will not escape -”

She runs into the portal after Klarion.

Tempest “TULA!”

Aqualad “We must go after her.”

Nightwing “We all want to find her. But you heard Aquagirl. That statue is a weapon. We need to know what we’re dealing with first. Retrieving the last file Tula was working on. Tiamat was a weapon of chaos fueled by water. It caused global disasters: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, tidal waves… Aquagirl’s notes say it’s impervious to damage.”

Artemis “Great. So the Light is about to release an unstoppable chaos creature-thing on the world, and we don’t have a clue how to stop it.”

Nightwing “We’re missing something here… In Gotham, Riddler said something about “one of the oldest charades every played”. I’ll bet he was talking about Marduk and Tiamat.”

Aqualad “A “charade”…”

Miss Martian “Well, if Tiamat was so unstoppable, then how did Marduk, a young, unknown hero, manage to do it all on his own?”

Nightwing “Like any other machine…”

Superboy “He must have shut it down.”

Aqualad “But how?”

Kid Flash “Don’t know. But when he was done, he scattered the pieces across the planet to prevent a repeat performance. Worked until now.”

Batman “Disaster reports coming in now. A flood in Singapore. Tsunami warning in Japan…”

Superboy “It’s started. We have to find the statue.”

Aqualad “And Tula.”

Tempest “Where do we go?”

Kid Flash “The earthquakes! They followed the statue fragments. If I can find the epicenter…”

Kid Flash brings up a 3D representation of Earth.

Kid Flash “Darn it! There are eight epicenters of seismic activity worldwide. Most are probably natural, but one of them has to be the Tiamat locale.”

Greece, Spain, USA (south Arizona), New Zealand, Haiti, Kenya, Bialya, and Russia.

Superboy “So which one is it?”

Aquald “We will split up. Send a squad to all the epicenters.”

Nightwing “Epicenters. What about Klarion’s epicenter? Zee, you located the locus of his sorcery when all the adults went missing.”

Zatanna “I don’t know. He was using some big mojo then. It made waves. Of course, I’ve had a lot of practice since. I can give it a shot. At least try to narrow it down from among the seismic options.

Etacol eht retnecipe fo S’noiralk skcigam!”

Nightwing “Coordinates locked. She’s in Bialya.”




(cutscene #56)

Bio-Ship drops off Alpha Squad.


FEBRUARY 18, 09:16 UTC+2


Aqualad “Alpha Squad to Cave. We have arrived in Bialya.”

Batman “Batman to Alpha. More disaster reports are coming in. I’ve sent the League out to help quell the panic, and start rescue efforts.”

Aqualad “Then we shall focus on finding Aquagirl and the statue.”


(cutscene #57)

Alpha Squad enters the royal gardens of Marduk’s Temple, a lush and vibrant landscape.

Aqualad “It is… beautiful.”

An earthquake rumbles.

Batman “Batman to Alpha. More disasters are being reported in South America, Taipei, and Antarctica. We’re running out of time.”



(cutscene #58)

Aqualad “Alpha Squad to Cave. We found an underground temple. But there are two paths leading into it. I am concerned we will not cover the space in time. Requesting backup.”

Nightwing “Acknowledged. Bringing Beta Squad in now.”


(cutscene #59)

Nightwing “Beta to Alpha. We have arrived at the temple.”

Aqualad “Take the northwest entrance.”



(cutscene #60)

The Sacred Well Room is equipped with some equipment. Klarion is at a console. Teekl is perched atop it. Blockbuster ties Aquagirl to a column.

Nightwing “Aquagirl!”

Klarion “Ah, there you are!”

Klarion waives his left hand. Beta Squad is trapped in a spherical force field.

Klarion “You’re just in time. I had planned to feed my own magic into the machine, but this’ll be so much more fun!”

Aquagirl “I cannot control it!”

Klarion tosses the completed fragments into the well. Tiamat rises.

Nightwing “We have to get Aquagirl out of there!”

Klarion “My Tiamat is impressive, isn’t she? A weapon of chaos… like me!”

Nightwing “We won’t let you destroy the world.”

Klarion “Destroy the world? Might be fun to watch, but then who would I play with? Clearly, you don’t understand our goals at all.”

(cutscene #61)

Nightwing “Enlighten me?”

Klarion “Hmm… nah! Besides, the dragon isn’t even the real prize.”

Nightwing “What is that?”

Klarion “Oh, just Marduk’s big secret.”

Nightwing “That… tablet is how Marduk defeated Tiamat?”

Aquagirl “Nightwing! Nightwing, the tablet is an artifact of Order.”

Nightwing “Of, course! That’s the charade Riddler was talking about.”

Teekl meows.

Klarion “I’m getting to it!”

Klarion blasts at Tiamat. A tablet falls to the ground.

Teekl meows.

Klarion “I did not. The tablet is perfectly intact–”

They turn to Tiamat.

Klarion “Uh oh…”

Klarion shields himself. Teekl snatches up the tablet and strolls out into another room.

Klarion “Hey, come back with that tablet! Stupid cat. Time to jet ‘Buster. We got what we came for. Let the hero-babies worry about the rest. Toodle-oo!”

Force field drops.

Nightwing “No! We have to help Aquagirl!”

(defeat Tiamat, cutscene #62)

Tiamat groans and sinks into the well.

Aquagirl “I did not think it was possible.”

Batman “Batman to the Team. Disaster reports are still coming in from around the globe.”

Nightwing “What? But we just-”

Tiamat emerges from the well in a new form and roars.

Nightwing “Uh oh…”


(cutscene #63)

Teekl walks into a chamber. Aqualad strikes at Teekl. Teekl drops the tablet. Klarion walks in. Blockbuster closes the doors behind them.

Klarion “No No No! I wake the dragon as a weapon for the Light and then the Tablet of Destiny is mine! They promised!”

Aqualad “Tablet of Destiny? This is the secret. This is what Marduk used to stop Tiamat?”

Klarion “Give it to me!”

Aqualad “Come and get it.”

Klarion “Okay, Blockbuster. Time to earn your cookies!”

Klarion taps Blockbuster on the shoulder. Blockbuster stands up and roars.

(defeat Blockbusters, cutscene #64)

Klarion “You are ruining everything!”

Klarion blasts Aqualad. The Tablet of Destiny is broken.

Klarion “My tablet!”

Teekl meows. Klarion picks Teekl up.

Klarion “You’re right. Things to do. People to see. Milk to spill. But give my regards to your Aquagirlfriend.”

Klarion and Teekl exit through a portal.

Aqualad “We have lost our only means of destroying Tiamat.”

Alpha Squad runs toward the doors.


(defeat Tiamat, cutscene #65)

Tiamat falls on her back in the well then sinks. Debris smashes the control panel Klarion was operating. Nightwing helps Aquagirl down.

Aquagirl “You have done it!”

Nightwing “Just in time too. That machine is toast.”

Tiamat flies up from the well in a third form.

Nightwing “This is gonna be impossible without that tablet!”

Aquagirl “My magic was useful before. I will try to hold her back!”

Aquagirl jumps into the well and uses her magic.

Aquagirl “I will maintain this as long as I can. As long as I must.”

Tiamat lands.


(defeat Tiamat, cutscene #66)

Tiamat falls back into the well. Aquagirl pushes herself harder to maintain her magic.

Nightwing “Aquagirl, what’re you doing? Tula, stop!”

Aquagirl “Marduk became known as the “god of gods”, but the Tablet was not the only thing he had to sacrifice in order to defeat Tiamat…”

Nightwing “Wh-What do you mean?”

Aquagirl “He was inducted into the Babylonian pantheon posthumously… He had to sacrifice himself.”

Nightwing “NO! Tula, you can’t–”

Aquagirl “It is the only way.”

Alpha Squad backs up in disbelief.

Aquagirl “Goodbye, my friends. I love you, Garth.”

Aquagirl turns back to Tiamat. She closes her eyes but still sheds tears. Aquagirl’s eyes light up and her magic surges. Debris continue to fall. The well is covered in white light.

(cutscene #67)

Aqualad and Tempest run inside the Sacred Well Room. Tempest runs up to Nightwing.

Tempest “Where is she? Where is Tula?”

Nightwing turns toward a pile of debris. Aquagirl’s body is beneath it. Aqualad and Tempest run to her. Aqualad lifts the broken column away.

Tempest “No. Tula!”

Tempest, in shock, pulls her out and cradles Aquagirl in his arms.

Nightwing “She sacrificed herself to save us, to save the world. I’m so sorry, Garth.”

Tempest closes his eyes and continues holding Aquagirl.

Nightwing “Beta Squad to Cave. The threat has been eliminated. But…”


(cutscene #68)


FEBRUARY 18, 09:59 EST


The Team (Miss Martian, Beast Boy, Batgirl, Nightwing, Zatanna, Superboy, Tempest, Kid Flash, Artemis, Robin and Rocket) is gathered in the Mission Room. Batman is on a holo screen.

Batman “Team, I know you are all grieving now, but remember you saved billions of lives today. Dr. Sandsmark is safe, and rescue efforts are underway across the globe. With Tiamat dormant once again, the world is no longer threatened. We received the statue fragments from Maruk’s Temple, and we will destroy them.”

Kid Flash puts his right hand on Artemis’ left shoulder. She looks and grabs his hand with her right hand. Nightwing and Zatanna look at each other.

Artemis “Yeah? Tell that to Tula. Tell that to Garth.”

Batman “Every member knows the risks, Artemis. It is not the first loss we have suffered, nor will it be the last.”

Nightwing “Batman’s right. The mistake would be to let Aquagirl’s sacrifice be in vain. We can make her death mean something by continuing the fight. And taking that fight to the Light’s doorstep. What do you say, Aqualad? Kaldur?”

Aqualad is not in the room.

Batman “Perhaps it’s time you all got some rest.”

Batman signs off. The Team exits the room. Artemis consoles Tempest. Only Nightwing stays behind. A red square blinks in the corner of a screen. Nightwing walks over and presses it. It is a pre-recorded message from Aqualad.

Aqualad “My friend. Years ago I said you were born to lead this Team, and that I would only accept the burden as leader until you were ready to lift it from my shoulders. Now is that time. I have questions that I must answer on my own. I do not know where this journey will take me; only that I must take it. Lead well and do not forget to make time for those you hold dear. Until we meet again…”

Nightwing stares in silence at the image of Aqualad.



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