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Young Justice – Reviews – Season Two – Bloodlines


Original Airdate – June 2nd, 2012
An intruder mysteriously appears inside Mount Justice, claiming to be a tourist from the future. But who is he really? And what is his true agenda?Written by Peter David
Directed by Mel Zwyer
Review by TBD
Media by Warner Bros. Animation

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This is going to be a hard one for me to review because, well, I don’t care about the Flash, the Flash Legacy, or most anything this episode was paying tribute to. This was a lovely tribute to the Flash Legacy, but it mattered as much to me as a tribute to the Monkees ever will. That isn’t to say it wasn’t all well done, it was. I just didn’t care. Well, that’s not entirely true, I loved seeing Wally put on the Kid Flash costume again. And I hate seeing people complain and moan about how he is “not as good a speedster” as Flash or Impulse. This episode still depicts him as a far better character, and that means more to me than any feats of power. If feats of power mattered to me, I’d love Superman instead of loath him and everything associated with him.I am so glad that Impulse’s entire annoying personality is an act. I hope he breaks character again sooner rather than later. Characters with personalities like that tend to grate on me. I know some would call it “fun” but I guess I have an entirely different definition of fun.

I did, however, enjoy Red Arrow and Cheshire’s story quite a bit. I assume that temple they found Roy in belongs to the League of Shadows. Now that the real Roy has been found, I can’t wait to see where this goes, and how Liane is affected. The potential dynamic intrigues me.

Good episode, a great episode if you’re a Flash enthusiast. I did like Wally’s return and I am sure we’ll see even more of him. But next week’s episode features Artemis returning, and she is probably my favorite character in the entire series, so I cannot wait. I apologize for the short review, but this episode did not make much of an impact on me, and it was overshadowed by several “Avengers”episodes being bombarded at me, as well as a gigantic controversy about one of them. More on that can be found here.

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