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Young Justice – Reviews – Season Two – Before the Dawn


Before the Dawn
Original Airdate – January 5th, 2013
On a covert mission to rescue some of its own, The Team, Blue Beetle and Miss Martian uncover shocking secrets and devastating truths!

Written by Kevin Hopps
Directed by Tim Divar
Review by GregX
Media by The World’s Finest

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With this episode, we go on hiatus again. But, since it was legally available for a bit, I don’t mind reviewing it now. Obviously, this is a significant episode, hell there was an outside chance this could have been the series finale. But, with this episode, we’re ten episodes away from the end of “Invasion” and, quite possibly, the end of the series.A lot of significant events happened. We now know the identity of the Light’s new partner. An alien species called the Reach, who are the creators of Blue Beetle’s armor. We also meet Black Beetle, who right away proves himself as a force to be reckoned with. The Team was clearly no match for him until Blue Beetle allowed the scarab to take control. Black Beetle is obviously a team buster, and he will be a real challenge for the Team to later overcome.

Miss Martian ran into Kaldur again and did what we all suspected would happen and mind-raped him, and in the process learned the truth. We’ve seen the beginning of how this affects her, and I doubt she will be doing this again. But how will this affect Kaldur? We know from Psimon that one can recover from this, but will Kaldur return as a genuine son for Black Manta and true servant of the Light? And now Artemis is in even deeper than she already was. Instead of backing up Kaldur, she is now the undercover agent close to the Light and the Reach. Wally was right, it’s gotten more dangerous.

The Reach have openly revealed themselves to humanity and come as friends, a wise move on their part… do that before the Justice League can reveal the truth. And with G. Gordon Godfrey as a willing mouthpiece for them, they will have public relations on their side. We also know that thanks to Impulse, the Reach destroy our civilization in the future. Is this what the Light had in mind? I’d tend to doubt it, but we also don’t know much about the future Impulse came from, or what the Light’s status in that period is. I don’t doubt that the Light would get hoisted by their own petard, but we know the Reach isn’t their only extraterrestrial ally.

Which leads me to wonder… where is Darkseid and Apokolips? They had a presence in the first season, but haven’t been mentioned or alluded to much this season. I do not believe for a moment the production team has forgotten them, but I do wonder if ten more episodes for the season would be enough to contain them on top of dealing with the Reach. But maybe a confrontation with Darkseid is being left for a possible third season. Well, time will tell.

At this point, no third season has been announced. Whether or not we’ll get one is impossible to know, but we’ve got ten more episodes to go, and if this is all we’re going to get, I will safely assume we’ll be in for quite a ride. See you in January… I hope.

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