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Young Justice – Reviews – Season Three – Overwhelmed


Original Airdate – August 27, 2019
Artemis and Conner journey back to their pasts.

Written by Greg Weisman
Directed by Christopher Berkeley
Mini-Review by Royal Rubble
Media by Warner Bros. Animation
Please note our regular reviewer, “GregX,” is currently on sabbatical.




Mini-Review: A fine episode all around, even if it was a bit slower and not as action-packed as some of the others. That said, it still featured some good drama and pretty interesting developments.

I must have mentioned before that I wasn’t a fan of the Artemis & Will pairing, so the start of the episode didn’t really impress me much. I liked how the episode had some callbacks to “Private Security” and sort of a reverse situation for Artemis and Zatanna. It was cool seeing Wally again, though it only made things more tragic by the end of the episode. I could understand Artemis not wanting to leave Wally, especially after seeing the kind of life they could have had together. Him telling Artemis to move on was sad but also understandable, in a way. We’ll see what happens to Artemis in the future, if she really does decide to move on at the very least it won’t be with Will.

The reveal that this was all basically a trick by Zatanna and M’Gann didn’t really bother me (although I could see it coming up later and having some consequences, if Artemis finds out). It just seems more believable and relatable that Artemis would sort things out for herself and reluctantly decide it’s time to move on. There was some nice comedy spread throughout all this as well, like Will’s reaction to him and Artemis actually hooking up. And I found it amusing, for whatever reasons, how Zatanna and the others just showed up at Artemis’ front door to remind her she has to leave “limbo” by sunrise.

The Superboy & Forager sub-plot was pretty good. I admit I kind of forgot all about the Genomorphs on this show, but it was nice seeing them find a place they could call their own.

Metron returning was intriguing. Kind of cool he considers Halo and Cyborg his grandchildren gicen his tech was involved in their origins. As before he leaves a cryptic warning about future events. It should be fun seeing what he was alluding to this time. Also, I found it funny how the time-stamps were displayed wherever they ended up, and how the two couldn’t speak other than the noises Metron’s tech could do. But Lian’s reactions to everything that was happening around her were even funnier.

Overall, a good penultimate episode. Admittedly, I was expecting Dick to have a bigger role in this as well, given he’s the one who played around a bit with this word early on the show. Still you can’t go wrong with the spotlight on Artemis (and Wally, sort of).

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