Fans Given Opportunity To Help On Upcoming “The Zeta Project” DVD

The World’s Finest was recently contacted by Amy Silliman of Retrofit Films, who will be working on the bonus features for the upcoming The Zeta Project DVD release. Silliman is reaching out to fans to make sure the bonus features are top quality and does the series justice. Silliman sent the following to The World’s Finest, as seen below.

Hello everyone!

My name is Amy and I am a producer working on something very special for “The Zeta Project.” I cant say too much because of particular confidentiality agreements, but I thought by going to the Toon Zone forum I would get the best response. I will be having a round table discussion with some of the key creative heads who worked on “The Zeta Project.” The goal of this discussion is to talk more in-depth about the characters and their stories and to answer any questions that fans of “The Zeta Project” would have. I can not release the names of these artists, but I would like to hear anything at all you would like to ask them. Now this will be for a private interview I will be having with them later this month (it has yet to be decided when this interview will be released) I can’t say much more, other than I would love to have some feedback from the fans themselves on what they would ask if they had the chance. Let me know what you are curious about! Anything at all! Please send all your questions to

Thank you!

The World’s Finest will keep you completely updated an any further news regarding the upcoming The Zeta Project DVD release. Stay tuned for further updates.

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