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  1. RRass

    I hope to god this isn’t replacing Young Justice on DC Nation.

    • EE.D.

      they mentioned that DC Nation was becoming a block instead of an hour, so there will be room for this and YJ.

    • SSteph

      I’ve been hoping the exact same thing. Young Justice needs to go for at least 5 seasons, there are so many things to tell in a show that covers the whole dc universe !

  2. KKrispysmurf

    I was overjoyed at first, thinking it to be a continuation of the original series. Now, not so much seeing the animation style and “comedy hi-jinks” focus of this new show. I was actually hoping for reverse; a show aimed at older audiences with more mature storylines, action, romance maybe and cool character arcs. That’s what shone in the original run. But oh well, the original cast is returning and I’ll keep an open mind…

    • WWhelmedSaturday

      Hey, we’ve got Young Justice for that.

    • GGirl in Green with Arrows

      I know what you mean… I adored Teen titans so much when I was younger and over the past two weeks I completely rewatched the series and had a mini freakout of joy when I found out that it was going to be coming back! But now that I know that it’s not going to be at least in the same cartoon style I’m not so pleased. I was really hoping for a revamped version of the Teen Titans kind of like Young Justice, not a little kid version. Maybe they’ll revise that. Hopefully.

    • Ii need pie!!!!

      I totally see where your coming from! The original show ruled. I just at least wish that they kept the original animation…. oh well. I need some drama!!!!!! But I’m good for now. Sorta

  3. HH

    Well, I’m excited about this. I really enjoy the superhero shows that don’t take themselves as seriously, and I’ve been hoping that one of the shorts would get a full series.

  4. Ddavid powell

    i hope that through enough fan complaints that they go with the look of the original series. also, they need to finish terra’s story by bringing back her memory, having her become a permenant member of the team, and having her and the other titans fight slade.

    • JJoshua

      The original series was awesome; it had a good run and I think it ended on just the right bittersweet note while still leaving enough open content for the fans to have fun with for years to come. But even so, there were signs that it’s end was coming and I believe it made the right move ending when it did (and Trouble In Tokyo was a great post-series bonus). Don’t get me wrong; as a hardcore fan, I’d love to see more content reminiscent of the original series, but for what they’re giving us, even when the show’s been cancelled for years, I’m really greatful and look forward to all the whimsical fun that’s in store for us.

      As for Terra–may she rock on for all eternity!–her story arc IS complete…sucks huh? Let me clarify: all she wanted was to live a normal life where her powers wouldn’t ruin everything (Slade said that she’s been the cause of earthquakes, mudslides, and other horrible things–those kind of disasters KILL people) and she finally got that ideal life in Things Change. I doubt she lost her memory–her telling Beast Boy “things change” at the end of the episode hinted that she CHOSE to leave for good and that he should move on with his life. Don’t blame her for it–if she DID return, do you think the people she terrorized under Slade would just forgive and forget all that she’d done?
      If the episode wasn’t too satisfactory, check out the comic “Teen Titans Go! #51” (the comic tie-in to the original series) where Terra’s brother, Geo-Force, “visits” the Titans to “politely” inquire the whereabouts of his sister. They explain everything to him and he even sees how happy she is with her new life at the end, leaving on the note that “Change can be good…but sometimes it’s best to leave things as they are.” (It’s implied that Terra remembered him.) It ends on a lighter note than Things Change and is probably more satisfying to the nostalgic reader. Go check it out–you should be able to find it on Amazon or Ebay. [Does a quick search] O_O oh…so, apparantly the prices on these comics are insane now. Uh…well, take my word for it; Terra’s arc is complete and ended on a good note. I’m off to mourn to crazy over-pricing of one of my favorite comic series.

  5. RRainyday1209

    I’m not sure if I am going to like this continuation. For most fans, by continuation we mean with the same animation as well. I’ll watch it when it comes out, but right now my expectations are pretty low on this one.

  6. DDarcRabbit

    OH GREAT…now there are TWO teenage team cartoons from DC that won’t feature Jason Todd.

    • TTrickyLA

      Yes, YES. I was upset about that too. I’m really hoping that there will at least be a mention of him in Young Justice but at this point I’m not even holding my breath.

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