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  1. PPaul Heinze

    I want more DC Animated Movies in Germany, Warner Germany gives us not all the DC Materials

    Still missing:
    Justice League Frontier, Justice Legaue:Doom, Superman vs Elite, Superman Doomsday
    Batman Animated Complete, Superman Animated Season 1 & 3 (Season 2 came out alone)
    Teen Titans Animated Complete, Young Justice Season 1 & 2, Batman Beyond Season 2 & 3,
    Batman Mask of the Phantom, Justice League(Unlimited) Season 1,2 & 4 ( only Season 3 came out)
    (PS: By the way, we still waiting for the final season of Smallville, there is nothing in sight )

    Seems to be that Batman:The Dark Knight Returns is the first Blu/DVD (after Batman:Year One)
    that going to come out in Germany. But Nobody knows if the movie is going to be cut or uncut, cause there was
    Nazi Crosses in the original Comics. The movie is more for an adult audience, instead of Children

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