“Young Justice” Confirmed Joining Boomerang Line-Up Starting November 2012

A representative for Cartoon Network has confirmed that – beginning Saturday, November 3rd, 2012 – Young Justice will be part of the Boomerang network line-up. The animated series was recently removed from the Cartoon Network schedule – along with Green Lantern: The Animated Series and the entire DC Nation programming block both series were a part of – for unexplained reasons earlier this month. The removal of DC Nation – and its accompanying programming – caused an uproar among creators working on the programs and fans. Two back-to-back episodes of Young Justice will air Saturday nights at 9:00pm (ET/PT) on Boomerang.

The episode “Misplaced” will air November 3rd, 2012 at 9:00pm (ET/PT), followed by “Coldhearted” at 9:30pm (ET/PT). The remainder of the November 2012 airing schedule is set for release later this week.

According to the Cartoon Network representative, adding Young Justice to the network line-up is being done to allow fans and viewers to get caught up with the series before the return of the DC Nation programming block come January 2013 on Cartoon Network. Young Justice is currently not being considered a permanent addition to the network schedule. There is currently no official confirmation if Green Lantern: The Animated Series will also join the Boomerang network line-up.

Starting November 3rd, 2012, two back-to-back episodes of Young Justice will air Saturday nights at 9:00pm (ET/PT) on Boomerang. Boomerang is the specialty spin-off channel from Cartoon Network, airing a wide selection of animated shows from the Time-Warner and Cartoon Network library.

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    Okay this is a start right? I really wish DC Nation would move to The Hub and be put with Superman and Batman, the Animated Series.

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      What about us that dont get The Hub? what would we do, the best thing to do is to give Young Justice more air time and less The Amazing World of Gumball, Level Up, Regular Show and Adventure Time (better yet cancel all just listed and put in more Young Justice and find some other better quality cartoons to show!)

    2. Avatar

      I like level up. The others i agree with however.

    3. Avatar

      Well that DEF wont happen ..since most of the shows u listed are the top rated shows on the network.

    4. Avatar

      Because they are the ONLY shows really…
      They play the same stuff back to Back all day!
      The kids have no choice but to watch it, which is why its “top rated”
      Horrible marketing plan by Cartoon Network nowadays, back in the day when it had so much varitey, now you can pretty much name every show on the fricken channel….fricken shame….

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    This makes me really angry. They’re moving the show, but still not giving us a reason why they removed it in the first place.
    I’m disappointed in CN right now.
    If we don’t get a reason soon, they’re losing faithful viewers.

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    They should give us an explanation for why they moved it in the first place but I hope that this will be able to help until Jan.

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    This doesnt really change anything. I would still like to armbar whoever thought it would be smart to cut YJ and GL out of nowhere.

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    I think all the DC cartoons and TV shows deserve their own channel. Not just a block on a capricious network like Cartoon Network. I’m tired of my favorite TV shows being screwed over, and I really just want air time for DC cartoons, both old and new.

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    What I want is an explanation on why there are so many hiatuses and why they are that long.

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    I feel like the only reason they are doing this is because the backlash from YJ fans freaked them out, but, instead of doing the logical thing and end the hiatus or AT LEAST offer an explanation, they did this half-assed attempt to appease people

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    What a load of crap Cartoon Network is nowadays….
    Brain-dead people i tel ya!

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