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  1. LoveWaffle

    Don’t make much of this news.

    The reason the ratings were so high this week is because it was a “premiere” of sorts. Premiere weeks typically have higher ratings than usual – fans have waited a long time to see new episodes of their favorite show, and the premiere is a big event. Given the outrage over the DC Nation hiatus, expectations for these episodes of YJ and GL:TAS were moreso than usual. Also consider how many people tuned in for the live broadcast just as a show of support for these shows – people who felt the ratings needed to increase imminently to save these shows from cancellation, and this was their last chance. Given all that, these two episodes had the potential for a gigantic audience

    But soon after the premiere (sometimes even as soon as the next week) do the ratings drop dramatically. People are tired and may want to go to bed early (well, sleep in in this case), and alternatives to watching the live broadcast – DVR, legitimate online sources, and less legitimate online sources exist, none of which are counted towards a show’s ratings.

    Also, comparing it to what was happening at this time a year ago is unfair, since neither show was airing new episodes at this point last year (January 7, 2012). Heck, GL:TAS didn’t even premiere until March.

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