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  1. Rruben west crock

    Its sad the show has come to an end, why did they don’t made season 3 its a popular show and everyone like it as i remember if the show got good rating it must be continued, not the other way around.

  2. DDouglas Snyder

    It really is sad that Young Justice & Green Lantern: The Animated Series only now have 2 episodes left for this season. But I think that they (CN or Warner Bros. Animation) will have the season finales end in cliff-hangers. Since I have heard that John DiMaggio has been cast in the roles of Toyman & Darkseid, I belive that in the final episode, Darkseid will appear with his invasion army and the team must band together with the returning Justice League and the rogue heroes, after they have taken down the Reach. And that in the final episode of Green Lantern, Razer will sacrifice his life along with Aya in order to save the universe, Scar’s true intentions will be revealed, Sinestro will plan to destroy the Green Lantern Corps. and that we will finally find out about these “entities” within each Lantern battery since I have also heard that Clancy Brown will return to voice Parallax again from the near-disastrous Green Lantern movie. So like I said, I believe that they will end in cliff-hangers, meaning that someday, they will return.

  3. JJeannr

    OMFG I can’t wait for young justice im there biggest fan

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