New Images, Character Descriptions For Upcoming “Teen Titans Go!” Animated Series

Cartoon Network has provided The World’s Finest with sixteen images and character descriptions for the main cast of the upcoming Teen Titans Go! animated series. The half-hour animated series Teen Titans Go! premieres Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at 7:30pm (ET/PT) on Cartoon Network, with new episodes airing during said Tuesday slot and rebroadcast during the DC Nation programming block Saturday and Sunday mornings at 10:30am (ET/PT) beginning April 27th, 2013. Click on the thumbnails for a closer look at each new image, with character bios also provided below.

Robin is a slightly power-mad, perfectionist leader of the group whose main complaint is that other Titans just won’t do what he says.

Raven is the sardonic, deadpan demon girl who’d rather be left alone.

Starfire is an alien struggling to fit in and learn the ways of Earth while driving Robin insane with unrequited puppy love.

Cyborg is a laid back half teen-half robot who’s more interested in pizza and video games than in fighting crime.

Beast Boy is Cyborg’s best bud – a slightly dim but lovable loafer who transforms into all sorts of animals when he’s not eat burritos and watching TV.

Specific episode details are set to be released shortly. Click here to view the official press release announcing the April 2013 debut of Teen Titans Go!. A recent promotional trailer for the animated series can be found at The World’s Finest.

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