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  1. EEinlanzer

    Wow. The animation looks absolutely terrible. It’s the ugliest thing to happen to batman since, dare i say, Batman and Robin. I can’t comment on how good the show will actually be until i see it, but i can’t stand to look at that batman.

  2. Kkhuddle

    I’m so p’oed at Cartoon Network — ANOTHER batman series? Batman TAS, The Batman, Batman Brave and the Bold…then throw in Nolan’s 3 Batman movies, and the dtv animated movies Batman Year One, Dark Knight Returns 1 and 2…we’ve had our damn fill of Batman give us something, anything, else already.
    I will be staying well clear of this sereis and the Teen Titans reboot, which looks like a disaster. Hopefully both series get canceled by the end of the first season.

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