“Beware The Batman” Removed From Cartoon Network, January 2014 Return Scheduled

Representatives for Cartoon Network have confirmed that Beware The Batman has been removed from the network schedule, and is currently on hiatus. The CG-animated series, which aired Saturday and Sunday mornings at 10:00am (ET/PT) on Cartoon Network as part of the DC Nation programming block, will be replaced with additional airings of the comedy-adventure series Teen Titans Go!. Fans took notice of the change when the show was removed from the official Cartoon Network schedule page earlier this week. A new episode of the series, “Attraction” – spotlighting Katana and Magpie – was originally slated to air this coming Saturday, October 26th, 2013 at 10:00am (ET/PT). It has since been replaced with Teen Titans Go! repeats.

“Currently Beware the Batman is no longer on our air,” said a representative for Cartoon network, adding viewers should stay tuned for additional information. “Fans can still enjoy Teen Titans Go! and new exclusive shorts on Saturday mornings.”

No reasons for Beware The Batman‘s removal from the schedule were provided.

However, sources have confirmed for The World’s Finest that Beware The Batman is set to return to Cartoon Network come January 2014. The remaining fifteen episodes are slated to be aired within the first half of 2014, though schedule details are subject to last-minute change. Beware The Batman also currently remains in active production. Anthony Ruivivar, the voice of Batman on Beware The Batman, confirmed the January 2014 return date on the social media outlet Twitter.

Beware The Batman debuted July 2013 on Cartoon Network, netting average but consistent ratings for the animation-themed channel. Beware the Batman incorporates Batman’s core characters with a rogue gallery of new villains not previously seen in animated form. Along with backup from ex-secret agent Alfred and lethal swordstress Katana, the Dark Knight faces the twisted machinations of Gotham City’s criminal underworld. Eleven episodes of the series have aired thus far.

Additional details on Beware The Batman can be found on the The World’s Finest Beware The Batman subsite. Stay tuned for further updates Beware The Batman updates here soon at The World’s Finest, including exclusive content and more.

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  2. Avatar
    Alice A

    This sounds familiar… oh wait, it’s happened before. Only BtB deserves its cancellation, unlike YJ. Maybe they’ll finally see reason and bring it back??? (One can only hope!)

    1. Avatar


    2. Avatar
      well-read robin

      Testify! Young Justice deserves renewal.

      This is as bad as Marvel cancelling Avengers for a worse version of the *same* freaking show!

  3. Avatar
    Lord Jebus VII

    Honestly would not care if this show didn’t return. The Animated Series, New Superman Batman Adventures, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Batman Beyond, The Brave and the Bold, Young Justice and even The Batman were all so much better than this. How anyone thought that Beware the Batman was good enough to carry that torch is beyond me. Young Justice was the best comic book adaptation ever to hit the small screen and to be thrown aside for this because they didn’t make for good toys is a disgrace.

    1. Avatar

      Agreed! And even “The Batman” hehe.

  4. Avatar
    shawn kent

    I still can’t believe Young Justice got taken off Cartoon Network for that CRAP! Seriously?! *rme*

    1. Avatar

      Indeed! The whole thing hurts brains!

  5. Avatar

    WTF, why its the only decent Super Hero Cartoon left on TV. (the Marvel offering are so bad and so childish they are impossible to watch) I originally thought BTB would be terrible but I have been surprised how much I enjoyed it.

    It goes to show that Children TV bosses are complete and utter morons.

    1. Avatar

      To be fair, most TV bosses are complete and utter morons.

  6. Avatar
    Ernie Krause

    This is just bullshit. The absolute LAST good action cartoon is now gone. Congratulations Cartoon Network, you might as well change your name to Comedy Network since that’s the only genre you even have!

  7. Avatar

    That sucks. I was wondering where beware went. I rather like the cg version,
    Though the villains could be more major or better executed. Do the court of owls or something
    More inspired. The show has grown on me.

  8. Avatar

    There changing the show because most of the fans (like me) don’t like Alfred with guns, they want Robin and they want the Joker in this series.

    1. Avatar
      Coach McGuirk

      You don’t represent “most of the fans.” You are simply part of the vocal minority. Beware the Batman is a great show, and some people simply whine because the show did a few things differently.

  9. Avatar

    I’m disappointed this show has been put on hiatus. This is a good show that has really grown on me. It had a bit of an uneven start but really picked up to become something really great. I think it gets a lot of unfair treatment since some fans are wrongly convinced this show is responsible for YJ and GLTAS being canned (it’s not!). It’s so much better than the three awful Marvel shows currently on TV It blows them away. The CG animation might be a bit cheap from time to time but it’s a genuinely greats how that deserves better treatment. Maybe The Hub will pick it up?

    1. Avatar
      Coach McGuirk


  10. Avatar

    this show is not completely bad, but i believe it is one of the worst batman TV series ever to air on television. cartoon network is one big $hitty network. WB animation and DC need to find another channel that is going to air their shows. they completely destroyed the DC nation block by canceling possibly the best animated superhero show off all time, young justice, and GTAL. they think all their audiences o only want to watch comedy, sure i like my comedy but i also want my action and drama!! not everything needs to be jokes. idk why they even brought that joke of a network here in Canada. been boycotting it since.

    1. Avatar

      You do realize WB Animation and Cartoon Network are essentially the same company. CN is owned by WB, and every DC cartoon has been on Cartoon Network since 1996 and Justice League.

    2. Avatar
      Re'Nell Glover

      Actually, CN is owned by Turner, which is owned by Time Warner, and Time Warner owns WB, and WB owns DC Comics.

    3. Avatar

      Different departments, politics, top down misdirection, vanilla corporate culture & poor decision making are all factors over @ Time Warner. Sometimes they get it right, like for example with TDKR animated feature, BTBB, YJ & the whole DCAU. However on the mass audience stuff WB’s market research pandering strategy makes for a rancid DC media product! Funny thing is the swill sells half of the time! Not here though. So I guess turning Alfred into Commander Rex from SWTCW was too much for too many.

  11. Avatar
    Re'Nell Glover

    This is one of the reasons why I STILL don’t watch CN/Adult Swim/Boomerang anymore., even though I never really watched this show.

    1. Avatar
      Re'Nell Glover

      Nor Teen Titans Go! for that matter. When GL, YJ, and Scooby-Doo! Mystery Inc. were done, I was done, as well.

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  13. Avatar

    This may be the first time in Batman’s media history that a Batman related show fails.

  14. Avatar
    Re'Nell Glover

    So, WHY did they take it off the air? Because current CN CEO Stuart Snyder HATES action cartoons/anime, except toyetic ones and ones named Ben 10.

  15. Avatar

    Because the show is no good and likely has generated next to nothing in merchandising. Bring back YJ at least you may have more viewers. Cartoon network seems to have no idea what they are doing with their Saturday lineup…which is almost blasphemous from a company called ‘Cartoon Network’.

    1. Avatar
      Re'Nell Glover

      And to be honest, I only saw a LITTLE of the show (to make sure that CN didn’t take DC Nation off the air like last year)

  16. Avatar
    Re'Nell Glover

    You know, that message about “Beware the Batman currently no longer on their air” is similar to last year’s message “Hey DC Nation fans! Have you heard?? DC Nation will return in January with all new episodes!” And remember that phrase about DC Nation not going anywhere? This isn’t the only network to put these shows on hiatus, or in this case, “take it off the air for months now or for good so kids will forget all about it”.

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