No New “Beware The Batman” Episodes On Cartoon Network February 2014 Schedule

Cartoon Network has provided The World’s Finest with programming details for the month of February 2014, and once again, new episodes of Beware The Batman are absent from the schedule. The CG-animated series was removed from the Cartoon Network schedule back in October 2013, marking five months since an episode aired on the US channel. No reasons for Beware The Batman‘s removal from the schedule were provided. Beware The Batman originally aired Saturday and Sunday mornings at 10:00am (ET/PT) on Cartoon Network as part of the hour-long DC Nation programming block, but has since been replaced with back-to-back Teen Titans Go! repeats. The DC Nation programming block has also been pre-empted regularly throughout the month of January 2014.

When asked for a statement, a representative for Cartoon Network would only say that there are future plans for Beware The Batman.

While the remaining fifteen Beware The Batman episodes from the series’ first season currently remain unscheduled, two unaired episodes will be included in the upcoming Beware The Batman – Season One, Part One: Shadows of Gotham DVD and Blu-ray release. Beware The Batman – Season One, Part One: Shadows of Gotham will feature the as-of-yet-unaired episodes “Attraction” and “Fall” when the release hits shelves on February 18th, 2014. The episode “Attraction” was originally scheduled to aired on October 26th, 2013. Details on Beware The Batman – Season One, Part One: Shadows of Gotham, which collects the first thirteen episodes of the CG cartoon, can be found here.

Additionally, DC Entertainment recently confirmed the cancellation of the short-lived Beware The Batman spin-off comic. Those details can be found here exclusively at The World’s Finest.

The original report on the Beware The Batman‘s removal from the schedule can be found here.

Beware The Batman debuted July 2013 on Cartoon Network, netting average but consistent ratings for the animation-themed channel. Beware the Batman incorporates Batman’s core characters with a rogue gallery of new villains not previously seen in animated form. Along with backup from ex-secret agent Alfred and lethal swordstress Katana, the Dark Knight faces the twisted machinations of Gotham City’s criminal underworld. Only eleven episodes of the series have aired thus far.

DC Nation airs Saturday and Sunday morning at 9:30am (ET/PT) on Cartoon Network. Additional details on Beware The Batman can be found on the The World’s Finest Beware The Batman subsite. Stay tuned for further updates Beware The Batman updates here soon at The World’s Finest, including exclusive content and more.

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