Site Update: The World’s Finest Reviews Soundtracks For “Batman,” “Justice League,” Animated Movies

The World’s Finest has published reviews for the Batman: The Animated Series – Volume Four, Justice League, Batman: The Killing Joke and Justice League vs. Teen Titans/Batman: Bad Blood soundtrack titles, all released by La-La Land Records. In a nutshell, each soundtrack release is worth adding to one’s collection, with Justice League and Batman: The Killing Joke easily the stand-outs among all four reviews. However, all four titles are feature fantastic work and each deserve a spin. All soundtracks are currently available for purchase through the official La-La Land Records website and through most online resellers.

To read the reviews, please click on the respective images below.

Please note the review for the Justice League vs. Teen Titans/Batman: Bad Blood soundtrack can also be found on the Batman: Bad Blood subsite.

Each review above is part of a larger subsite dedicated to each highlighted property, with each including more exclusive content and features. Stay tuned for further reviews and updates in the days and weeks to come right here at The World’s Finest. Click on the links below to discuss each soundtrack release.

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