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La-La Land Records Reveals “Superman II + III – Expanded Archival Collection” Track List, Cover Art

La-La Land Records has provided The World’s Finest with a first look at the track list for its forthcoming three-disc Superman II + Superman III – Expanded Archival Collection soundtrack release. The soundtrack – featuring music composed and conducted by Ken Thorne, from original material composed by John Williams – includes over three hours of material. The three-CD set will be released by La-La Land Records at on October 30th at 12noon PST. Superman II + Superman III – Expanded Archival Collection is Limited Edition of 3000 units. Also pictured here is the clamshell jewel case front cover image, as well as the booklet’s front and back cover images. Continue below for the track list breakdown.

Superman II + Superman III – Expanded Archival Collection

Superman II (1980)
Music Composed and Conducted by Ken Thorne
From Original Material Composed by John Williams

1. Preface / Villains in the Zone / Main Title March 8:23
2. Superman to Paris / Lois Climbs Tower 2:49
3. Walkie Talkies / Gelignite Bangs / Superman Saves Lift 2:10
4. Lift Into Space – Releasing the Villains 1:36
5. Orange Juice / Prison Intro / My Little Black Box 1:51
6. Ursa Flies Over Moon / Spacecraft Wrecked / Moon to Earth 4:05
7. Lex Escapes 2:07
8. Sleeping Arrangements / Relaxing at Niagara / Looks Familiar / Superman Saves Boy 3:33
9. Lex and Miss Teschmacher to Fortress / Lex Plans Partnership 2:39
10. Suspecting Lois Takes the Plunge / Clark Fumbles Rescue / Villains Land by Lake 3:37
11. Clark Exposed as Superman 3:13
12. Sheriff and Duane Meet Villains / Lovers Fly North 2:24
13. Daddy’s Rise and Fall / Flight for Flowers / East Houston Battle 3:06
14. Lovers at Dinner Table / Zod Meets General 1:38
15. Mother’s Advice 1:52
16. To Bed – Mt. Rushmore – Sweet Dreams 1:35
17. President Kneels Before Zod 1:55
18. Fight in Diner 1:06
19. TV President Resigns – Clark to Fortress 2:44
20. Return of the Green Crystal / Bored Zod 2:19
21. Non Wrecks Office 1:30
22. Aerial Battle / Zod Throws Slab / Superman Saves Spire 4:52
23. Superman Saves Petrol Tanker / Superman Battles Zod / Superman Flies Off 4:31
Disc 1 Total Time: 63:35


1. Villains Take Lex and Lois to Fortress / School Games 3:14
2. Superman Pulls Big Switch / Superman Triumphs Over Villains 1:59
3. Sad Return 1:41
4. Lois Forgets 1:49
5. Happy Lois Back to Normal / Superman Replaces Stars and Stripes / End Title March 5:38

Total Superman II Score Time: 79:56 

DISC 2 (Continued)

Source Music and Songs from the Superman films
Music by John Williams, Ken Thorne and Giorgio Moroder

Superman: The Movie (1978)
6. Can You Read My Mind (Instrumental No. 1) 3:11
7. Sunday Meeting 1:30
8. Kansas High School 1:47
9. Kansas Kids 1:30
10. Late Night Country Music 0:53
11. Luthor’s Luau 2:50
12. Lois’ Pad 1:17
13. Desert Riff 0:23
14. Lois Car Radio 1:56
15. Kids on the Bus 1:31
16. Can You Read My Mind (Instrumental No. 2) 2:55
Total Time: 19:43

Superman II (1980)
17. Honeymoon Hotel 3:17
18. Country & Western 2:12
19. East Houston Café 2:16
20. Car Radio for Ride Back 1:00
21. Diner Jukebox No. 1 2:19
22. Diner Jukebox No. 2 2:20
Total Time: 13:25

Superman III (1983)
23. Colombian Storm Intro 1:10
24. Olympic Parade 0:28
25. Après Ski 1:06
26. Rock On (Marshall Crenshaw) 3:45
27. No See, No Cry (Chaka Khan) 3:20
28. They Won’t Get Me (Roger Miller) 3:22
29. Love Theme (Helen St. John) 3:18
30. Main Title March (Giorgio Moroder) 4:17
Total Time: 20:46
Total source music and songs time: 53:55
Disc 2 Total Time: 68:16 

Superman III (1983)
Music Composed and Conducted by Ken Thorne
Original Superman Themes by John Williams

1. Main Title (The Streets of Metropolis) 5:31
2. Gus On Computer After the Cents 1:08
3. Saving the Factory – The Acid Test 6:15
4. Payday for Gus / School Gym – Earth Angel / Vulcan 1:39
5. Lana and Clark in Cornfield / Clark Rescues Ricky 2:29
6. Gus Shows the Booze / Gus Finds a Way 1:21
7. Montage 3:12
8. Colombian Storm 1:32
9. Kryptonite / Gus Down Building / Searching for Kryptonite 2:18
10. Lana and Clark on Telephone / Kryptonite Sting / Superman Affected by Kryptonite / Superman Too Late 1:50
11. Tower of Pisa / What Will It Do for Me 2:00
12. Superman and Lorelei on Statue / Superman Ruins Tanker 2:22
13. Boxes in Canyon / Drunken Superman 3:24
14. The Two Faces of Superman 2:54
15. The Struggle Within 2:29
16. The Final Victory 2:19
17. Preparing Balloons / Superman Coming / Computer 3:04
18. Rockets / Video Games / Big Missile 3:15
19. Superman Confronts Ross / Computer Takes Over / Gus Fights Ross 2:16
20. The Computer Comes Alive / Superman Leaves Computer Cave 2:35
21. Metal Vera / Computer Blows Up 2:57
22. Gus Flying With Superman 1:22
23. Diamond Sting / Thank You Superman / Superman Gus /
Clark Gives Lana Diamond Ring 1:43
24. End Credits 4:29

Total Superman III Score Time: 64:21


25. Pay Day for Gus [Alternate] 0:49
26. Main Title (The Streets of Metropolis) [Alternate] 5:29

Disc 3 Total Time: 70:41
Total Three-Disc Time: 3:24:32

The three-disc Superman II + Superman III – Expanded Archival Collection collection will be released by La-La Land Records on October 30th, 2018 at 12noon PST. The 3000 unit limited edition title will be available directly from the La-La Land Records website. For additional information on this release, and other La-La Land Records titles, check out the label’s website.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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