The World’s Finest Reviews “Batman and Harley Quinn”

The World’s Finest has published its review of the Batman and Harley Quinn animated feature, now available to own on home media. In short, Batman and Harley Quinn is a fun movie that will be divisive among fans, and enjoyment of it will likely come down to whether or not the viewer minds a lively, wackier take on the Dark Knight. While the story is slight, the pacing padded and some of the jokes lacking, it still ends up being an fine time, even if it doesn’t fully succeed in what it sets out to do. To read the complete review, click on the image below.

The World's Finest reviews Batman and Harley Quinn

The Batman and Harley Quinn subsite here at The World’s Finest includes an assortment of additional video clips, images, content and much more. Click on the review link above to further access the dedicated additional content. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has also provided a clip from the DC Universe Original Movie title, which can be watched in the player below or in the aforementioned dedicated subsite.

Batman and Harley Quinn is now available for purchase through online and traditional retail outlets, both in digital formats and on Blu-ray and DVD. Stay tuned for further reviews and updates in the weeks to come right here at The World’s Finest.

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