Happy 25th Anniversary To Batman: The Animated Series

Twenty-five years ago, on Sept. 5, 1992, the very first episode of Batman: The Animated Series aired. “The Cat and The Claw, Part One” introduced the world to a daring new animated spin on The Dark Knight, one that arguably remains unrivaled. To call this series a game-changer would be an understatement. The impact of this iconic series, which is still being felt to this day, is immeasurable. To be short, The World’s Finest would like to thank the cast, crew and every single person involved in Batman: The Animated Series and the animated world it created. Without this series, it’s safe to say the industry as we know it would look quite different, and many of the shows, movies, comics and characters we embrace and celebrate would not be around as we know them today. This very site would not be around today. We all owe you a tremendous debt.

Happy 25th anniversary, Batman: The Animated Series!

James Harvey
Sept. 5, 2017

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