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Bios - Harleen Quinzelle / Harley Quinn

Voiced By: Arleen Sorkin
First Appearance: "Holiday Knights"
Position: Joker's Henchwench, Friend of Ivy

Bio: Although she hides her true nature behind a mask of playfulness, the Joker's moll and frequent accomplice, Harley Quinn, is almost as unpredictable and deadly as her infamous boss. She was once a brilliant young psychoanalyst, Dr. Harleen Quinzelle, until she was seduced by the Joker while interning at Arkham Asylum. Renaming herself Harley Quinn, she helped the Joker escape and joined his gang. Harley has worked off and on with the Joker, as well as with her frequent partner in crime, Poison Ivy. She has also branched out on her own, pulling wild pranks for no other reason than to annoy Batman, and frequently Batgirl. She is often accompanied on these solo crime sprees by her two pet laughing hyenas, Bud and Lou. She will continue to be a constant nuisance for Batman and Robin, and everyone in Gotham City.

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