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Batman: The Animated Series – Bios – Gil Mason

Bios – Gil Mason

Voiced By: Tim Matheson
First Appearance: “Shadow of the Bat, Part 1”
Position: Villain
Bio: Gil Mason was the shining star in the GCPD. He was an up and coming cop who was every commissioner’s and reporter’s dream. He was good on the eys and did great work doing the job he loved. Or so it seemed. After framing Gordon for bribery, it became obvious that Mason was involved in illegal underground activities, and was even connected to Two-Face! Mason’s career came to a violent end during a showdown between himself and Batgirl on a speedboat racing toward’s Gotham’s Lady Liberty statue. That battle would end up with Mason in a coma and selective amnesia. Once revived he was indicted and sent to jail, although the amnesia blocked out the knowledge that he knew Batgirl’s identity! To this day, while he sits in lock up, he cannot remember what exactly happened on that speed board…and it will hopefully stay that way.


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