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Batman: The Animated Series – Bios – Simon Trent, Gray Ghost

Bios – Simon Trent / Gray Ghost

Voiced By: Adam West
First Appearance: “Beware the Gray Ghost”
Position: Childhood Hero of Bruce Wayne, Old TV star/Retired
Bio: The dark avenger. The scourge of evil. Defender of good, destroyer of evil. Sound familiar? Gothamite Simon Trent was a popular actor about twenty years ago, during Bruce Wayne’s youth. He portrayed the television action hero The Gray Ghost! His show was very popular for a few years, but it was soon cancelled. For years Simon Trent tried to get work in Hollywood, but was typecast as the Gray Ghost. He was forced to sell his memorabilia in order to just pay for his rent. Then, when a bomber began to to mimic crimes from the old Gray Ghost show, he was able to help Batman solve the crime and he was again in the public eye. While he doesn’t fight crime in real life, he is enjoying revisiting the character he made a classic all those years ago!


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