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  1. Justin

    I see no reason to buy the BLU-Ray because I already own the DVD. Will be there be a GREAT improvement in quality?

  2. miguel

    justin quality? – Not in the storyline! HAW HAW.

    but seriously this is truly baffling. Why oh why is WB holding out delivering Mask of the Phantasm and/or at LEAST Sub-Zero? truly pathetic.

    and yet, we still have no Young Justice on blu-ray either. WB is muckin’ up.

  3. J.R.

    Why not release this movies with the box of both entire series on blu next year? This is weird..

  4. ForcedUser

    I see no reason to own Mystery of the Batwoman . . . at all.

    Seriously, that was an awful film and did nothing for the animated Batman canon in the slightest. I guess it was kind of neat to see Thorne again but even there he was pointless.

    I’m with Miguel, where’s our Mask of the Phantasm Bluray? Come on, HD MotP widescreen! Maybe even a TRUE collector’s edition with more than the barebones! The movie deserves it! It’s easily one of the best things to come out of the Animated Series Batman!

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