Two-Part Ra’s Al Ghul-Focused “Batman: The Animated Series” Episode Air Next Week On The Hub

The classic two-part Ra’s Al Ghul-focused Batman: The Animated Series episode “The Demon’s Quest” is set to air next week on The Hub. The two-part episode brings Batman face-to-face with the global terrorist Ra’s Al Ghul and his daughter Talia. The episodes originally aired in 1993. Batman: The Animated Series joined The Hub schedule in Fall 2011 . Continue below for specific episode details.

Batman: The Animated Series
December 3rd, 2012 at 7:00pm (ET/PT) – “The Demon’s Quest, Part One”

When Robin is mysteriously abducted from his college campus, the Batman begins a fruitless search … until he is astounded by the sudden appearance in the Batcave of Ra’s Al Ghul. Ra’s quickly reveals that his daughter, Talia, has been abducted under circumstances similar to Robin’s, suggesting that the same persons are responsible. So begins an uneasy truce between the Batman and ‘The Demon’.

Batman: The Animated Series
December 3rd, 2012 at 7:30pm (ET/PT) – “The Demon’s Quest, Part Two”

After freeing Talia from her father’s clutches and escaping from an avalanche, Batman and Robin follow the only clue they have – the word ‘Orpheus’. After discovering that ‘Orpheus’ is Ra’s private satelite that will orbit over the Sahara, the duo travel to the Demon’s desert stronghold. There, Batman learns that the satellite is actually a weapon which will explosively destroy all the Lazarus Pits simultaneously, throughout the world, destroying all the life that exists.

Batman: The Animated Series airs regularly Monday – Thursday at 7:00pm (ET/PT) on The Hub, with additional airings throughout the week.

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