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  1. Scott

    Funny i was just thinking the other day how WB is going down hill & DC Animation in television is dead now.
    The idea of WB loosing Timm would cripple them even further. Surprised Disney has not lured Timm into their camp?
    WB can’t even make a decent super hero movie for comic book fans. Yeah i know the Nolan films made millions but that movie is really just made for serial killing loving movie going slaves, not Batman fans at large. Batman is like rice & absorbs all flavors. Just because you like rice doesn’t mean you like it mixed it in dung! The DTVs are the only thing they are doing right at this point in the game. Sure Tucker will do a fine job! Sounds like Timm just needs a DC break, me too! However i’m looking forward to the JL Flashpoint that was recorded last April & perhaps Timm produced? The DTV’s have been awesome but now that Dark Knight Returns & Year One have been made the exciting stuff for me is over. Hope Burnett is still around too! Just worried that people like Novack & Carlin will take over completely & water down the brand. With the direction of DC Nation the watering down is well underway. Guess WB has learned nothing from the Green Lantern live action movie. The Justice League animated pilot Secret Origins that Timm produced should be made into a live action movie! Which by the way The Avengers movie kind of successfully ripped off a bit! Good luck Bruce Timm! You have helped make DC worth while for the last 20 years!

  2. Michael Holloway

    I LOVE all the DC Comics animated and live action movies/TV series, including the “Green Lantern” movie. I look forward to the proposed Green Arrow movie, and I can only hope my favourite DC Comics character, Aquaman will receive his own movie at last!

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  4. Wellington Guilherme

    I am a fanatic of the series DCAU and let me get this straight. The fantastic design Justice League has a chance to have a sequel, seven years after the end of his original view?
    If this happens even this is the greatest news I’ve read in the last 7 years.

  5. drmedula

    :” While Timm has stepped down as Executive Producer for DC Comics’ assorted animated projects, he has not left Warner Bros. Animation. Timm is currently involved in some-yet-to-be-announced projects from the animation studio, including at least one major project featuring a familiar brand, along with additional side projects which will be announced later this year.”
    Can you say THUNDARR, ladies and gentlemen?

  6. Scott

    Thundarr would be most excellent! Timm is influenced by Toth & Kirby & would serve their creations well!
    My only worry is that Timm will make this totally awesome most excellent cartoon & then Cartoon Network through it’s poor management, silly inter politics & down right terrible programming decisions would find a way to kill it! Like they did Thundercats. Perhaps this new material will be released DTV style? Should be if it’s 2-D! The true fans of 2-D will pay for it. The last 5 years of the DC DTV’s proves that. It is better for the end user as well. I prefer paying cash for the top shelf animation i consume & collect. Sure a business model could be cooked up for a ongoing series in the pay upfront format. Most smart people who enjoy 2-D animation shouldn’t have to sit through promos for “Incredible Crew” that rot the brain & encourage retardation. Awesome news about Green Arrow! Indeed if anyone can fill Timm’s shoes it’s James Tucker! For sure i will still be supporting DC DTV’s into the future under Tucker’s leadership! Pre-order sight un-seen! However IMO DC Animation on television is in the toilet & i won’t be watching there. So taking a DC on cable tv break more like it!
    Good luck Timm & Tucker!
    p.s. Give Cartoon Network the finger for me! hehehaha!

  7. Scott

    Just read a rumor that Timm is working on bringing back the DCAU via the Justice League! Awesome City! That would be my biggest wet dream coming true since the news of Star Wars Episode 7!

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