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  1. IIan

    I have loved almost all animated Batman shows from SuperFriends, to Batman:TAS, Batman Beyond, Justice League Unlimited, Brave and the Bold (had to get used it at first, but exceeded my expectations), and almost all the animated movies with Mask of the Phantasm being my favorite. Didn’t really dig The Batman, or this Beware the Batman show though… can’t even get my 5 year old to watch it and he has Batman bed sheets and wall art, etc.

  2. MMike Vargas

    Will Beware the Batman’ still be on cartoon network, I can’t imagin any channels being on were there’s cartoons.

  3. BBrittany C.

    I loved Beware the Batman, although rather different; it brought out villains that I didn’t even know existed and I loved the Alfred that can kick ass instead of being an old man like TDK trilogy did. I hope they bring back the show, they need to stop halting shows like this or else what else are we going to have compete against The Batman Animated Series. Plus also cause I loved that they brought Katana; somewhat a girl superhero! I’m so sick and tired of DC Comics leaving out girls behind, we love comics too; bring our super heroines to the screen!!

    • YYJI

      in an IGN article cartoon network said they don’t want females watching their shows, i know sounds very dumb doesn’t it?. they only care about toy sales, and according to them boys buy toys and girls don’t, and since most boys are only watching comedy shows such as “adventure time” and “regular show”, that’s probably the only type of shows they’re going to be putting out..sad this is what it has come to, or favorite DC characters will probably never get any serious plot driven animated show for the foreseeable future as the new younger generation apparently don’t prefer those kind of shows.

  4. SSusan

    I really love the animation in beware the batman. Thought it was a great take on the story too. Why do all the DC series get canceled prematurely???? It was really cooking along! where do we write?

  5. Pprank

    “Beware The Batman currently remains in active production.”
    All I needed to know, maybe there was a technical hitch on the episodes or something

  6. Ssteve

    some sites including Anthony Ruivivar twitter, voices batman in the series, are reporting a January 18th startup date for the new episodes. Ruivivar has reportedly been told January 18th.

    • Kken

      Anthony Ruivivar’s twitter says he “heard” January 18, not “was told” January 18. And that was December 28. This January 2 news is both fresher and more authoritative. Plus, consistent with CN’s history of unpredictability.

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