Consistent Ratings For Toonami “Beware The Batman” Farewell Marathon

Last month’s special Beware The Batman marathon on the popular Toonami programming block, found on Cartoon Network’s counterpart channel Adult Swim, pulled in consistent ratings for the acclaimed cartoon’s send-off. The final seven episodes for the series aired Saturday night, September 27th, 2014, as part of a special marathon before the network lost the broadcast rights. While not the highest-rated program in the massive programming block, Beware The Batman consistently ranked first in its timeslot among male-dominated demographics for Adult Swim’s Toonami, and averaged roughly 605,000 – 610,000 viewers per week. Beware The Batman originally joined the Toonami line-up back in May 2014.

Below are the ratings details for the seven episodes which aired as part of the September 27th, 2014 Beware The Batman marathon on Toonami.

2:30am (ET) – Beware The Batman – 654,400, 0.5 households
3:00am (ET) – Beware The Batman – 635,400, 0.5 households
3:30am (ET) – Beware The Batman – 605,400, 0.5 households
4:00am (ET) – Beware The Batman – 592,300, 0.5 households
4:30am (ET) – Beware The Batman – 573,300, 0.4 households
5:00am (ET) – Beware The Batman – 590,300, 0.5 households
5:30am (ET) – Beware The Batman – 648,300, 0.5 households

The information above comes from a mix of Nielsen Media Research data, independent research, and official information from Turner Broadcasting.

When acquiring Beware The Batman, Adult Swim representatives said the network was committed to airing all 26 episodes of the animated series, and did as such thanks to this last-minute Toonami “Bat-blowout” marathon. The CG-animated series originally aired on Cartoon Network as part of the now-defunct DC Nation programming block, but was removed from the schedule in October 2013 for unexplained reasons.

The CG-animated series Beware The Batman featured The Dark Knight facing off against Gotham City’s criminal underworld with backup from ex-secret agent Alfred and lethal swordstress Katana. Click here to view the The World’s Finest Beware The Batman subsite. The subsite features videos, images, and exclusive content not available anywhere else.

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